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Hallux valgus


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Hallux valgus

  1. 1. Hallux ValgusKristine Aclan, RN
  2. 2. Hallux Valgus• Also called bunion• A deformity of the foot involving the first metatarsal and great toe
  3. 3. Hallux Valgus• Occurs in females more frequently than males, and incidence increases with age
  4. 4. • May have a genetic predisposition• Commonly occurs with other deformities of the feet, such as hammertoe, mallet toe, and claw toe
  6. 6. • Pain• Possible callus of skin overlying bunion and accompanying toe deformities• Diminished ROM• Generally associated with tight footwear
  8. 8. Conservative Management• Wearing footwear made of soft leather with a wider toe box, rounded rather than pointed, and with low heel.• Special orthoses can be ordered.• Steroid injections to relieve pain.
  9. 9. Surgical Management• Surgical alignment of the great toe by osteotomy of metatarsal or proximal phalanx of the great toe or fusion of the metatarsal-metatarsophalangeal joint
  10. 10. Postoperative Care• Elevation of the foot to reduce pain• Initial non-weight-bearing activity, with very gradual progress in activity• Crutch walking initially, followed by wooden shoe immobilizer for several weeks
  11. 11. Postoperative Care• NSAIDs and opioid analgesics for pain• Bandages changed by surgeon initially