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Garantisadong pambata


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Garantisadong pambata

  1. 1. INAY/ITAY…are you doingenough for yourchild to survive Hannilore Villamor, RN
  3. 3. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Skilled attendance during pregnancy, delivery and immediate postpartum
  4. 4. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Care of the newborn
  5. 5. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Breastfeeding and complementary feeding
  6. 6. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Micronutrient supplementation and deworming
  7. 7. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Immunization of children and mothers
  8. 8. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Integrated management of sick children
  9. 9. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Child injury prevention and control
  10. 10. KiDS Can’t WAIT• Birth Spacing
  12. 12. During Mom’s PregnancyRegular visits/consultations to the health center or clinicHave tetanus toxoid immunizationTake nutritious food and iron supplementHave dental check-upHas birth plan
  13. 13. At ChildbirthChildbirth and immediate postpartum care by skilled health worker • Doctor, nurse, midwifeChildbirth in a hospital or a health facility, like a lying-in clinic
  14. 14. Care of the Newborn Breastfeeding of the newborn infant within the 1st hour of life Skin-to-skin contact of mother and newborn BCG and Hep B immunization of newborn Clean cord care Eye prophylaxis Newborn screening, 24 hrs after birth
  15. 15. Infant and Growing Child Infant receives ONLY breastmilk during the first 6 mos. of life At 6 mos, the baby continues breastfeeding in addition to appropriate complementary foods he/she takes At 9 mos. or before the 1st birthday, the baby completes his/her immunization schedule
  16. 16.  Receives daily proper nutrition from all the food groups  Vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, meat, poultry Receives vitamin A every 6 mos. Receives deworming drugs every 6 mos. Receives deworming every 6 mos.
  17. 17.  Receives consultation and proper treatment from a health worker at the first sign of an illness Frequent handwashing, especially before eating and after using the toilet Toothbrushing at least twice a day Visit to the dentist every 6 mos. Daily bath
  18. 18. General Child SafetyLives in a safe home and community free or protected from injuries like fall, electrocution, drowning and burnAlways being supervised by a responsible adult
  19. 19. Given safe toys appropriate for his/her age and physical and mental developmentAble to play with other children aside from his/her siblings  Brother or sister
  20. 20. For Mom and DadAt least 3 years interval before the next pregnancyPractice responsible parenting
  21. 21. National Center for DiseasePrevention and Control, DOH
  22. 22. Help your children survive.GIVE YOUR CHILD A HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE.