Concept map bipolar disorder


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Sample Concept map bipolar disorder

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Concept map bipolar disorder

  1. 1. 1. Risk for Injury 2. Risk for other directed 3. Sleep deprivation r/t violence psychological stress and hyperactivity8. Deficient diversional activity r/t The Concert King 4. Disturbed thought process r/tenvironmental lack of diversional Male, 36 y.o., Single activity psychological conflict 2° Bipolar disorder Bipolar I disorder, severe manic episodes with psychotic features, substance-induced mood disorder7. Impaired social interaction r/t 6. Ineffective coping r/t 5. Disturbed sensory perception: hyperactivity 2° manic state of inadequate level of confidence in auditory r/t biochemical bipolar disorder ability to cope imbalances for sensory distortion: hallucinations 2° bipolar I disorder