Adolescent issues


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Adolescent issues

  1. 1. Adolescent Issues: Sexual Feelings Reynel Dan L. Galicinao, BSN, RN
  2. 2. I think about him all the time. -Jackie
  3. 3. I can’t sleep, eat orpay attention to what Prof. Maniego is talking about. -Budoy
  4. 4. Am I in love or Am I in love or is this is this infatuation? infatuation? -Jackie -Budoy
  5. 5. Crush• The so called crush strikes teenagers all the time• Crush on a cute movie star, understanding teacher, new kid on the block• Crushes don’t usually last very long• They are usually forgotten before they develop into friendship or even serious relationship
  6. 6. Relationships• The best relationships start out as friendship I’ve met this guy. We started going He’s smart, dishy- out, first with looking, good other people, then conversationalist, the 2 of us and best of all, started dating HE LIKES ME. exclusively. -Rosalie -Angelito
  7. 7. • It doesn’t really matter who asked first• What’s important is that you like each other and you like being together.• Traditionally, the boy makes the first move.• But a girl shouldn’t have to sit and wait until the boy finds the nerve to ask her out.
  8. 8. I felt relief when she took the initiative and asked me out. -Dodong• So don’t be shy, go ahead and ask.
  9. 9. Dates• When you go on a date, the boy doesn’t have to pay for everything• In these days of economic crisis, it’s all right to go Dutch – Each paying for his/her own share.
  10. 10. “Some relationships are best leftas friendships. This doesn’t mean I feel any less about you. I just don’t want to get any deeper. I don’t want to get involved.” -Inday
  11. 11. Good Relationship• You’ll know when a friendship ends• The relationship begins when you can’t seem to spend enough time with each other• A good relationship is when you know, respect and trust each other• You also grow together and as individuals• A good relationship is anything but the above
  12. 12. SAYING
  13. 13. If you love me, sleep with me. -Man Y. Akis• If you’re a smart girl, you won’t fall for that old line.• But some girls find it difficult to say no because: – They don’t want to hurt the boy’s feelings – They don’t want to be called prude – They don’t want to be the last Filipino virgin
  14. 14. • It takes courage to say no, but do so only if you don’t want to sleep with the boy.• REMEMBER: the only reason to have sex is because you want to.• No one should force you to have sex.• If you go on a date, you don’t necessarily have to end up on the sack with the boy.
  15. 15. • But if you find yourselves naked in each other’s arms, and you suddenly change your mind – you can still say NO.• If he forces you to have sex with him, this is called DATE RAPE.• If you want to go all the way, practice SAFER SEX.
  16. 16. • If your boyfriend refuses to wear a condom, you can refuse to have sex with him.• Rethink your relationship. He is acting irresponsibly. I do love him but does he really love me? -Elisa
  17. 17. How to say NONo, I’m not ready.No, I don’t think I know you well enough.No, I want to wait after marriage.No, do you really want to have sex with someone who doesn’t want to?No, not until we discuss contraception.