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  1. 1. UNDERSTANDING THE TOURIST AS A CONSUMER SURVEY ON TOURIST MOTIVATION Submitted to: (name of professor) Tourism Professor Submitted by: (Insert Names here in alphabetical order. Surnames first) Alonzo, Marielle Buenavista, Karl Cruz, Marco Dominguez, Carla Mae España, Samuel John (insert section here) TTM 109 Submitted on: (insert date here) July 25/26, 2013
  2. 2. I. INTRODUCTION (Briefly explain here tourist motivations, the respondents as well as the purpose of the survey.) II. DATA INTERPRETATION (Briefly explain here the results of the survey. Point out the top 10 motivations to travel of respondents alongside with the corresponding number of checks.) III. CONCLUSION (Briefly explain here the conclusions for your survey.) CRITERIA I. Introduction = 10 points II. Data Interpretation = 10 points III. Conclusion = 10 points IV. Survey= 10 points V. Following Instructions = 10 points NOTES: • follow the format (font size, style and order) • use short bond papers only • 20 repondents per group taken from different departments (CAS, CBA or COECSA) • collect all survey questionnaires after being answered by the respondents and should be attached in the latter part of the paper. • use the following color coding: CLCA – green folder (short) CLHS – black folder (short) TTM – blue folder (short)
  3. 3. TRAVEL MOTIVATION (Understanding Tourist Behavior) NAME: ____________________________________________ DATE: _______________________ COURSE: __________________________________________ SECTION: ___________________ DIRECTION: Put a check mark on the items that describe your motivations to travel. 1. Going to places I have never been before 2. Seeing outstanding scenery 3. Meeting new and different people 4. Opportunity to increase my knowledge 5. Experiencing new and different lifestyles 6. Having fun and being entertained 7. Visiting friends and relatives 8. Escaping from stress and relaxation 9. Trying new and exotic foods 10. Shopping 11. Finding thrills and excitement through adventures 12. Being able to communicate in a different language 13. Exercising and fitness opportunities 14. Indulging in luxury 15. Getting a sense of personal achievement 16. Involving in conservation activities of natural environment 17. Appreciating history 18. Family bonding (bringing family when travelling) 19. Getting away from the demands of home 20. Finding places for a second home Thank you for your cooperation in answering this survey-questionnare. God Bless! ____________________________ SIGNATURE OF RESPONDENT