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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. RussianVenezuelan Project Lerochka Smetanina & Jose Reyes
  2. 2. Diary of the interviews03/21/2012: We met each others and divided in pairs and groups. On theRussian side there were two students and, in the Venezuelan sidewere three students.03/28/2012: in this day we had to talk about two topics, ecology andtechnology, based on the documentary “HOME”. We talked about theecology in our countries and cities and influences of the technology inecological problems.04/11/2012: the final interview was about culture and hobbies. Weshared information about our traditions and festivities, specially aboutthe Easter which was the recently celebrated holiday in the twocountries and them we shared some songs and pictures.
  3. 3. About Lera:She is 18 years old, live with hermother and grandmother (and hercat). She is a History and Theory ofInternational Relations student at the Lera and herOmsk State University of Fyodor motherDostoevsky.About her country: Russia is a verycold country. They only have hotweather in the summer. She lovesthe summer and warm climate andwait every year for the summer,what is her favorite season of theyear.
  4. 4. About Jose:He is 25 years. He lives with his motherand his brother. He is a student at theUniversity of Rafael Belloso, he studiesSoftware Engineers. He likes languages Jose, his mother and his brotherand is studying English and Italian.About his country: it’s a very warm,specially his city. As a tropical country theydon’t have seasons but in the first monthand the last ones (January- February,November- December) the temperaturescome down.
  5. 5. The Two Universities:Omsk State University Of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Rafael Belloso Chacin University (URBE)
  6. 6. The HOME Project: Ecology and TechnologyLera: "I was impressed by howdirty the air people breathe indifferent countries. Our city isdirty, because in our city thereoil factory" Jose: It’s a very common and uncontrolled problem in the world the differences between the rich and pours. So many countries build large building, while others living between the waste of the others. The people can make their
  7. 7. Solutions: Every thing that you can. Example: papers, Reuse plastic bottles. Reduce The consume of non recyclable or biodegradables products Make a selection in your house of every thing you will Recycle send to the trash Don’t send trashes to the rivers or empty chemicalConscience liquids into the ground or natural flow of water
  8. 8. Technology: gadgets and market Jose: “ there aren’t a lot of Lera: “In Maracaibo more common differences of technologies and gadgets than in our country” brands comparing with Omsk. Like us “in their country distributed various the have cellphones, Ipods, brands. there are some that aren’t computers etc. For me was verycommon in our country. For example curious that they don’t have the BlackBerry” Blackberry cellphones in there because is a very common cellphone brand in the country and the continent.
  9. 9. Technology: the brands∗ Most common and popular brands in our countries:
  10. 10. Culture: holidays, hobbies and interests In Venezuela In Russia Make processions They paint eggsPeople burns puppets Make some praysnamed “Judas” with faces of non The Eastergrate persons. Go to the temples Go to the church and pray
  11. 11. Special HolidaysVenezuela Russia- New year (January 1st) - New year (January 1st international celebration, January 14th according Julian Calendar), Christmas (January 7th)- Carnivals (February or March) - The defender of the fatherland day (February 23)- Easter (April or May), Women’s day (May 8th) - Easter (April or May),- Mothers day (3rd Sunday of the month of may) - Victory day (May 9)- Fathers day (3rd Sunday of the Month of June) - Independence Day (June 12)- Independence day (July 5) - Women’s day (May 8)- Hispanity day (LAT) / Indians resistance day (VE) - Mother’s day (November 25)- Christmas day (December 25 ) / New year’s eve - New Year (December 31, according Gregorian(December 31) calendar)
  12. 12. Culture: music genresClassical(Academic) Electronic Lera likes: Pop Music Hip-Hop Rock Jose likes: Classics Traditional Venezuela Limeicks Russia Llanera
  13. 13. Hobbies and Sports Hang out with her friends Hang out with his friendsReading Excursions Watch TV Go to the mall Lera Hobbies Jose Expedition Sports Football (soccer) Hockey Baseball Biathlon Jogging Swimming Rescue training Rappelling Figure Skating Running
  14. 14. Now reading…Lera is reading Lolitafrom the Russianwriter VladimirNabokov. Jose is reading the Teeth of the Tiger from the American writer Tom Clancy.