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Titan world presentation


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Titan world presentation

  1. 1. Titan World Juhi Vibhakar 657 Malavika Moodliar 640 Reya Reji 631 Shraddha Tambat 689 Palack Khanna 650 Trina D’souza 723
  2. 2. About: Titan Industries - Titan is a joint venture between Tamil Nadu Development Corporation and the TATA group which began in 1984. - Titan scores high on brand awareness, brand image and brand preference. - Titan segmented the market and developed sub- brands like Zoop, Xylys, Sonata, Fastrack.
  3. 3. Titan: Financial Aspect
  4. 4. Titan: Product Ranges
  5. 5. Titan: Brand Portfolio Name of Brand Segment Average Price Target Audience Titan Premium Rs. 1100 (approx) Upper Middle Class Sonata Mass Market Rs. 550 (approx) Lower Middle Class Fastrack Youth Rs. 850 (approx) Teenagers and College Students Xylys Ultra Premium Rs. 15,000 (approx) Upwardly Mobile Professionals
  6. 6. Titan: Line Extension • Tagged By Titan: To music we love, to people we like, to places we want to go back to, to moment that make memories, to memories that make us, to everything we want to keep and to all that make us tick. • Titan Raga: Inspired by the modern woman who transcends roles with poise and elan, Raga is a range of exquisite watches that have the perfect mix of sensuality and elegance. • Titan Edge: Classical elegance coupled with technical mastery is what the Edge is all about. With an incredibly slip movement of 1.15, the Edge is the slimmest watch in the universe- a mere 3.5mm. • Titan Purple: Bold, Brazen, Swarovski studded; Purple lives in a world where rules are for other people and laws of attraction are in your hands. It's a definitive range of style signatures for the modern trend bender.
  7. 7. Titan: Line Extension cont. • Titan HTSE: The HTSE is a range of watches so sensitive that a mere flicker from a candle light is enough to trigger them. Combined with geometric case designs, anthracite colors and perforated dials, an HTSE is a must-have for every watch aficionado. • Obaku By Titan: Zen by Nature - Be it the scent of a flower, a secret joke or a walk in the rain, it is the smallest of things that give the greatest of pleasures. The philosophy of simplicity combined with effortless beauty is what Titan Obaku stands for. • Octane from Titan: A blur of motion. The glint of steel. A sudden rush of excitement. This is the world fuelled by Octane, from Titan. Sporty, stylish and bristling with features Octane is more than just time ticking on adrenaline. It’s your pulse refusing to slow down. • Orion from Titan: Titan salutes the original spirit of exploration in a modern world through Orion, a collection of precision watches inspired by the last unexplored frontier, and the stars that guide the way.
  8. 8. Titan: Line Extension cont. • Bandhan from Titan: Titan's tribute to the everlasting bond between man & woman, Bandhan is a collection of exquisitely crafted watches in leather, gold & steel gold combinations. There is one for each in a couple, complementing each other perfectly. • Titan Tycoon: Every watch in the Tycoon collection makes a statement about the man who wears it. The gold-silver exterior shines in the darkest hour. The designs have the grandeur of the calm. Let each Tycoon say its piece • Automatic from Titan: The intricate mechanism of a Titan Automatic recognizes your slightest turn of wrist to power its precision movements. Mechanized craftsmanship with a range of functions that keep time on your side make you and your Titan Automatic inseparable from world-class timekeeping.
  9. 9. Titan: Brand Extension Examples of Titan Brand Extension: 1] Titan Eye Plus 2] Titan Belts 3] Wallets by Titan Examples of Fastrack Brand Extension: 1] Fastrack Sunglasses 2] Fastrack Bags 3] Fastack Wallets 4] Fastack Belts
  10. 10. Titan: Multi Brand • Fastrack A range of watches intended for the stylish, trendsetting, wild and wacky youth of India. A brand owned by Titan but given a totally unrelated name inorder to give it a distinct identity & also differentiate it from the sophisticated older generation image that Titan has. This brand targets the age group of 18-30 year olds and promotes itself through ambassadors that represent the youth of India such as Genelia D’souza and Virat Kohli. • Xylys Inspired by good design, this range of exquisite watches is a perfect mix of classic style & modern technology. Assembled with trademark Swiss precision, it features sought after materials which make it a presence for the moment. And for time to come. This brand is Titan’s answer to its Swiss competitors Swatch, Tissot and Timex. Xylys is positioned as a symbol of the new generation achiever of India. The brand is promoted through ambassadors such as Rahul Bose and recently, Farhan Akhtar.
  11. 11. Titan: Multi Brand cont. • Sonata Sonata, as a brand, reflects young India's mindset - of strong aspirations coupled with a sense of urgency and impatience to make things happen. It’s a brand for the youth that is just starting out on its journey towards their dreams. Priced in such a way that allows the youth of today who have just begun to work realize their step into success. • Helios Helios is a luxury watchstore launched by Titan. This brandstore contains all the world’s leading luxury watch brands such as Tagheur, Armani, FCUK, etc under its roof for sale. [Ask Sir :: Is this Ingredient branding?] • Zoop Zoop is a range of funky watches from Titan, designed for the imaginative, talented and energetic child of today. The bright colours, striking designs and a distinctive childlike identity make Zoop an accessory every child can identify with.
  12. 12. Titan: New Unique Brand • Fastrack: Along with watches now it offers sunglasses, wallets, bags and belts now, and all in its own independent store. Carving out a niche for itself from a very initial stage they have been loud and clear when calling themselves a youth brand with designs that were refreshing and affordable. • Tanishq: Creating a revolution in the Indian jewelry market, Tanishq is a major jewellery division of Titan industries with a strong appeal for women. Tanishq has a distinctive brand identity all its own, and one which flaunts India’s ethos and heritage. Tanishq designs are a truly stunning testament to the high quality standards that an Indian brand has set. This brand was initially launched to support Titan’s need for foreign exchange to buy imported components and machines for watches. • Zoya: Zoya is a brand that truly signifies elegance. The Exquisite Diamond Boutique has rare collection of diamonds where each one of them wants to tell its secret story. The amalgamation of striking designs with work of art makes Zoya a preferable brand amongst the elite class.
  13. 13. Titan: Other Strategies • Corporate & Product Umbrella Brands: eg – Titan Raga, Edge, HTSE, Purple, etc. • Co-Brands: eg – Titan Ducati Collection • Ingredient Brands: eg – Helios by Titan
  14. 14. David Aaker’s: Ad Exposure Model Awareness/ Familiarity with brand Information regarding brand attribute of benefits Creation of brand image/ personality Association of feelings with brand Linkage of brand with peers/ experts & group norms AdExposure Purchasebehavior Consumerattitude formulation If the result is satisfactory Reminder of inducement about brand trial ROUTE 2 ROUTE 1
  15. 15. Awareness/Familiarity - Titan watches come form one of the most trusted companies in the country, TATA - Titan watches forayed into the market with the trusted name of TATA - The Titan watches were introduced as the premium watches for the Indian market. - The brand advertisements had actors like Aishwarya Rai (Titan Quartz) Aamir Khan ( Edge) and Katrina Kaif (Raga) which instantly brought consumer attention and created a familiarity with the ambassadors
  16. 16. Information Regarding Brand - Titan watches were considered to be the watch for ‘any time, any occasion’ - The TATA name which came with the brand gave an added advantage of high quality and trust. - The watches were made of high quality steel, focused on style and appearance - The watches also had an added advantage of being water- resistant and coming in different designs - The Raga collection focused entirely on today’s woman while the Edge collection was for men
  17. 17. Creation of Brand - Every brand of the Titan watches has a distinct brand personality which makes it favorable in the specific market - The one common element between the sub brands in the trust in quality and in the name of TATA which came with all the sub brands - The Fastrack brand is for the new age generation who believe in ‘moving on’ and that is why the brand portrays an edgy, modern attitude - The Raga brand which is primarily for women portrays a feminine, sensuous, gentle personality that women can relate to.
  18. 18. Brand-Feeling Association The Titan brand is associated with a varied range of feelings: Loyalty: The name of TATA which comes with Titan brings in the association of loyalty. Experience: Titan Industries have been in India since 1984 and been the pioneers in the watch-making industry. Innovation: The Titan watches have always kept up to date with the changes in technology and have incorporated them into the watches.
  19. 19. Linkage with Peers/Experts • The Brand Ambassadors represent the brand image of the brand and the various sub-brands. • They also have a mass following and immediate connect with their respective target audience.
  20. 20. Brand Trial Reminder Brand recall and continuous reminding ads leads to purchase behavior. the-brand/ad-campaigns/