Social Media Viral Contests


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Social Media Viral Contests

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  • Keep things simple. Make sure the rules are not overly complicated.It's a good idea to keep the requirements to a minimum. You want people to participate, not get discouraged by how difficult and complex the contest requirements are.
  • Social Media Viral Contests

    1. 1. Boost Your Social Media Presence with Viral Contests • Leverage the best part of social media –Viral Marketing • Social Media Promotion Types • Best practices to organize a viral contestPresented by: Rama Prasad,Head – Reyami Social ; @ the Social Media Forum 0097150 812 5264
    2. 2. Quick PollThe results can be staggering across Social Media platforms Source: Mashable
    3. 3. Some Source: Mashable
    4. 4. Source: Mashable
    5. 5. Viral Marketing defined Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the messages exposure and influence. Viral marketing—having others tell and spread your story for you —is one of the most exciting and powerful ways to reach your audiences. Example: The classic example of viral marketing is The strategy is simple: Give away free e-mail addresses and services, Attach a simple tag "Get your private, free email at"Courtesy: David Meerman Scott
    6. 6. Benefits of Viral Contests• Contests help you promote your brand. Word travels fast when you offersomething that catches peoples fancy.• Contests appeal to the competitive nature of people.• Contests drive traffic toward websites and Fan Pages.• Contests help build community around the brand Viral nature of Facebook • Likes • Comments • Tags • Shares • Friend invites Almost everything about Facebook is Viral!
    7. 7. Facebook Promotion GuidelinesIn Layman terms:1. Promotions must run within Apps • No contests on your Wall page • No contest in your Photos area2. Do not use Facebook features for anything in your contest • Registration must take place inside your app. • No "upload a photo to our Wall to enter" • Voting must take place inside your app. • No "comment/Like this post/Photo to win" • You cannot notify winners through Facebook messages/wall posts/comments3. Don’t use Facebook’s name Release from liability, they arent sponsoring your contest and info you collect does not go to them.Read the complete terms at:
    8. 8. Promotion typesSweepstakesPrizes given away based on a random draw.User Generated ContestsWinners decided by public voting, a selected jury or both.CouponsDistribute Coupons to drive traffic to your site, encourage purchases.Group DealTo engage your users in special discount sales, encourage purchases.(Think Groupon for your Page)Product GiveawaysGive away free products or product samples as a way to generate buzz.
    9. 9. Promotion types - SweepstakesSweepstakes - Prizes given away based on a random draw.
    10. 10. Promotion types - ContestsPhoto Contest - Prizes given away based on voting / jury
    11. 11. Promotion types - CouponsDistribute Coupons to drive traffic to your site, encourage purchases.
    12. 12. Promotion types – Group DealsGroup Deals: Engage your users in special discount sales
    13. 13. Promotion types – GiveawaysGive away free products or product samples as a way to generate buzz.Giveaways – so long as everyone can get one, it’s not a contest!
    14. 14. Best Practices for a Viral Contest1. Goals: What do you hope to achieve ?2. Plan: Think thru pre-launch to post launch every step.3. Gather Data: What do you like to know more about your audience ?4. Simple: Get it in 30 sec ? Clear message ?5. Prize: Does it entice ? Worth sharing ? Incentive to share6. Terms of use: Cover the basics; Answer key questions in Fan’s mind7 Promote: All possible channels; FB Ads ; Integrated Campaigns work well.
    15. 15. Key Take Aways 1. Social Media Marketing is Viral, Measurable and Cost-effective 2. Viral Contests can boost your Social Media presence in a big way! 3. Stay on the right side of Facebook TOS. 4. Use professional Apps for well structured contests 5. Strategize, plan and promote 6. Leverage all channels for integrated campaigns for best results 7. Take Action: Organize a Viral Contest this month!Presented by: Rama Prasad,Head – Reyami Social ; @ the Social Media Forum 812 5264