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Rex Plays 'The Apocalypse' 6


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Final chapter of my apocalypse challenge

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Rex Plays 'The Apocalypse' 6

  1. 1. Rex Plays ‘The Apocalypse’ (6) The End
  2. 2. Jonah from generation five graduates
  3. 3. James from generation five graduates
  4. 4. Jonah moves into a spare home and gets the job in law enforcement
  5. 5. Long story short, he tops it over the course of a week. Seven careers left.
  6. 6. James tops the intelligence career. The spare house he is in is the one I moved Christine and generation three into. Six careers left, all to be completed by generation six.
  7. 7. Doing that requires more babies.
  8. 8. Toddler Corey.
  9. 9. Pregnant Christy
  10. 10. Teenage Lillian. All her stats: sagittarius 2/7/10/7/8, family sim, wants to marry off six kids. Likes cologne and cleaning skill but not logic, into fitness hobby. Promptly sent off to college because her career requires a diploma.
  11. 11. This is Sasha Whitehall. Pisces 6/2/10/5/8.
  12. 12. Milking the cowplant to have the final three kids needed.
  13. 13. Child Corey. Full stats later as teenager.
  14. 14. Pregnant Christy with toddler Sasha.
  15. 15. Hailey Whitehall. Gemini 6/8/9/4/8
  16. 16. Lillian graduates college with a degree in drama.
  17. 17. She moves in with a distant relative, Erica Chadison (nee Whitehall) and her family. Lillian gets a job in show business.
  18. 18. Topped a week and a half later. I know because Erica’s daughter was close to teenagerhood and she started off this play through as a baby. 5 careers to go.
  19. 19. Obligatory make-over.
  20. 20. Child Sasha.
  21. 21. Toddler Hailey.
  22. 22. Marcel dies of old age.
  23. 23. I skipped a whole bunch of pictures to get to this: Willow Whitehall. Taurus 6/8/4/7/6. One more kid to go.
  24. 24. Kids being kids.
  25. 25. Teenage Corey. Stats: taurus 6/8/4/7/6, popularity sim who wants to be the law, likes jewellery and blond hair but not swimwear, hobby is music and dance.
  26. 26. Child Hailey.
  27. 27. Corey gets a job in business and once he tops it I will start shoving elixir down his throat so he can continue in adulthood.
  28. 28. Toddler Willow.
  29. 29. Final baby of the family: Gwen Whitehall. Pisces 6/3/10/7/8
  30. 30. Time to go!
  31. 31. Adult Corey.
  32. 32. Didn’t even realize that Justin was becoming an elder.
  33. 33. Kylie dies of old age.
  34. 34. Teenage Sasha. She rolls pleasure and wants to be a party guest; likes underwear and cooking but not costume make-up; hobby tinkering. Same situation as Corey, but working oceanography.
  35. 35. Child Willow.
  36. 36. Toddler Gwen.
  37. 37. Teenage Hailey. Rolls fortune and wants to be a criminal; likes grey hair and formalwear but not make-up; hobby is fitness. Same situation as other siblings, but for entertainment career.
  38. 38. Child Gwen.
  39. 39. Corey tops the business career! 4 careers to go. He promptly moved out.
  40. 40. Sasha reached the top of oceanography as a teenager so she began drinking elixir. I had to buy several jugs of it. Thank god for alien technology.
  41. 41. Teenage Willow. She rolled family and wants six grandkids. She likes brown hair and athleticism but not swimwear. Her hobby is music and dance. Fitting because she’s pulling the same stunt as her older siblings, but with the dance career.
  42. 42. Hailey tops entertainment as a teenager so off to the elixir she goes (maybe she was the one that needed four jugs of it).
  43. 43. Yeah, it so was her. Anyways, adult Hailey.
  44. 44. Same thing with Willow. Here she is as an adult in the dance career.
  45. 45. Sasha tops oceanography. Three careers left to go.
  46. 46. Teenage Gwen. She rolls knowledge and wants to top science. She likes formalwear and mechanical skill but not athletic skill. Her hobby is sports. She will be lifting the final career: artist.
  47. 47. She then moved out.
  48. 48. Elder Christy on her bought time because of cowplant milk.
  49. 49. Hailey tops entertainment. Two careers left to go.
  50. 50. Willow tops dance. One career left to go (by the way, all of the sisters moved out after finishing their careers).
  51. 51. Gwen graduated with an art degree. Yes, I have not changed the house layouts of either the main house or the college house because it really did not matter by this generation (they had what they all needed).
  52. 52. Move home, start art career.
  53. 53. Justin dies of old age.
  54. 54. All the family graves that will ever be on the lot (on the other side are 4 graves from townies that were eaten).
  55. 55. Gwen tops art. Some townie got pissed that the challenge was over and kicked the can.
  56. 56. Take a picture of the final two people left in the house. That’s it. That is the entire apocalypse challenge. I’m done. Bye haha.