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The professional rsc _virginia governor's conference


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The professional rsc _virginia governor's conference

Published in: Healthcare
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The professional rsc _virginia governor's conference

  1. 1. Name Someone of Greatness ! $2 prize
  2. 2. The Professional RSC What is a Resident Service Coordinator? 30 second elevator speech….
  3. 3. The Business Approach to Resident Service Coordination ! How can I save Beacon money ! How can I generate revenue
  4. 4. Dominion Place Mall ! Anchor stores: ! Richmond Health Wellness Program ! Holmes Smith Consulting ! Internships ! Reasonable accommodations
  5. 5. Mall Foot Traffic ! Smoke-Free Living v=e4CvpTVhAX4&feature=player_detailpage ! Build a park bench Around the world tour ! ! Smoking cessation Insurance Consultation ! Book club Pet Club ! Sex education Hoarding Supportive Service ! Index cards Intake Assessments/ADLS ! Motivational interviewing The People’s Cafe ! Family forum Alcohol anonymous ! GED / Debate Team Olive Branch / Home Bound ! New Resident Brunch Exercise Class ! Spanish Class Art Class ! Monthly Lunch Lectures Computer Class
  6. 6. Nationally Recognized ! American Association of Service Coordinators – 3rd place for innovative programming ! New England Resident Service Coordinators – RSC of the year ! Peter Magrath ! Lawrence Weaver Community Engagement Award ! ! Leading Age ! Housing Matters White paper ! v=vrWNOPudN1k&feature=player_detailpage