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Person centered care


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Person centered care

Published in: Healthcare
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Person centered care

  1. 1. Denise Scruggs Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging Richmond, Virginia May 2, 2016 Ageism & Person-Centered Care: Putting the PERSON in Person-Centered Care
  2. 2. Six Dimensions of Person- Centered Care PERS ONH OOD Knowi ng the Person Auton omy/ Choice Comfo rt Care Nurtur ing Relatio nship Suppo rtive Enviro nment (White, DL, Newton-Curtis, & Lyons, K.S. (2008) Development & Initial Testing of A Measure of Person-Directed Care. Gerontologist, 48, 114-123)
  3. 3. Personhood Defined: per·son·hood [ˈpərs(ə)nˌho͝od] NOUN the quality or condition of being an individual person. (Oxford University Press)
  4. 4. “A standing or status that is bestowed upon one human being, by others, in the context of relationship & social being. It implies “recognition, respect, & trust,…” Tom Kitwood 1997 Personhood Defined: (Tom Kitwood (1997) Dementia Reconsidered: the Person Comes First, Buckingham and Philadelphia: Open University Press, p. 8-9)
  5. 5. What makes us unique & individual? 

  6. 6. PERSONHOOD Challenges Family Desires Feelings Goals Values Emotions HistorySkills/Abilities Interests Thoughts NeedsSelf Esteem Social Roles Life Experiences Relationships Identity PersonalityResources Confidence Fears Likes/Dislikes Thinking Physical Characteristics
  7. 7. person with with dementia DEMENTIA PERSON Personhood & Dementia: What Do YOU See?
  8. 8. What can we do to promote “personhood” & recognize the uniqueness of individuals?
  9. 9. • Make eye contact • Acknowledge & include vs. ignore • Listen actively when they are speaking • Share your personal stories to increase equality in relationship • Share humor • Ask their opinion • Use a respectful tone of voice • Engage & take time to converse with • Touch to show affection/comfort • Empower • Give & respect their choices & preferences Strategies for Promoting Personhood
  10. 10. • Show approval- express gratitude • Give personal space • Adjust to their pace/ don’t rush through care or conversation • Collaborate with & do activities together- don’t treat as a task • Put yourself in their shoes • Smile • Know the person’s history, preferences & needs- use it to guide your interactions & interventions • Sincerely compliment & praise Strategies for Promoting Personhood
  11. 11. • Don’t try to change them- accept them for who & how they are at the time • Acknowledge & validate feelings • Be empathetic • Treat with respect • Don’t herd like cattle Strategies for Promoting Personhood
  12. 12. Person-Centered Care Value Individualized Perspective Social environment Brooker, D . (2004) What is person-centered care in dementia? Reviews in Clinical Gerontology , 13, 215-222. Personhood Fosters: • Personal worth • Uniqueness • Social confidence • Respect • Independence • Engagement • Hope
  13. 13. Denise Scruggs, Director Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College 434-544-8456