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Bring it on fight fraud and abuse volunteer-com_loudan county


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Bring it on fight fraud and abuse volunteer-com_loudan county

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Bring it on fight fraud and abuse volunteer-com_loudan county

  1. 1. 
 Volunteer Community Ambassador Program Loudoun County, VA
  2. 2. Community Leader Model revised to Grassroots Engagement Model

  3. 3. 
 Fraud & Abuse Trends
 National Local O #1 Neglect O #2 Financial Exploitation [Highest risk factors: female, older age, disabled, dementia, LTC residents] [Source: National Center on Elder Abuse] O #1 Self–neglect O #2 Neglect O #3 Financial Exploitation O #4 Mental Abuse O #5 Physical Abuse [Source: VA APS 2014]
  4. 4. Prevention vs. Intervention Action of stopping something from arising Action or process of intervening O Ambassador as confidantes O AAA link to community (eyes & ears) O Arrange crime prevention presentations O File of Life Cards (refrigerator & wallet) O Elder Abuse Awareness campaigns O Ombudsman (both) O Adult Protective Services O Fire and Rescue O Law Enforcement O Ombudsman (both)
  5. 5. Impact O Unexpected benefit O “they came to us” O Raised agency visibility O Expanded knowledge about services O Outreach increased by 145% O Strengthened community relationships O Enhanced Aging & Disability Resource Center concept O Grassroots advocacy attracts community influencers
  6. 6. 
 6 Steps to create an
 Ambassador Program
 O Alliance Development O Community Mapping O Training O Information Dissemination O Ongoing Community Involvement O Need to Track Results
  7. 7. Alliance Development O Local Law Enforcement – Crime Prevention Unit O Fire & Rescue O E.M.S. O Ambulance Reimbursement program O Fire Alarm O Family Services O Adult Protective Services O Mental Health & Substance Abuse O Public Health Department O Senior Centers & Recreation, Parks O Adult Day Centers O Library Services O Attorney General’s Office O Local Non-Profits serving seniors O Community Service Board O Disability Services Board
  8. 8. Community Mapping (373) Add pics O Senior living facilities (13) O Senior Centers (4) O Adult Day Centers (3) O Libraries (8) O Home Owners Assoc. (HOAs ) with website (36) O Neighborhood Watch (87) O Places of worship (222) O Widow’s group O Religious “Bible” study O Social Groups O Walking group O Tennis O Book club O Service Groups O Rotary O Kiwanis
  9. 9. Training O Orientation - Quarterly O 2 hours overview followed by O 1 hour lunch for updates & sharing O “What if” scenarios based on crime reports O Resources Materials O Notebook O Webpage [pending] O Data Collection O Tracking form (paper or online survey)
  10. 10. Information Dissemination O Next Steps O Follow up email after Orientation O eAlert for Crime Reports O Tip Sheet to engage the community O Press release with quotes O Feedback loop for AAA O Options O List serve (pending) O Newsletter, monthly (pending Constant Contact or Smore)
  11. 11. Ongoing Community Involvement O Connect to electronic news & updates O Attend neighborhood events O Post or set out relevant literature at various locations O Arrange educational presentations O Request a standing article space or tips column. O Ask community leaders to spread the word O Ask your gateway service providers to keep an eye on older adult residences.
  12. 12. Need to Track Results O Tracking form (paper & online) O Anecdotal stories O Press releases O Highlight successes
  13. 13. Tools to integrate an Ambassador Program 
 Share Resources Research Resources O Position description O Press release template O Tip sheet for community engagement O Tracking form O Research O local statistics O mandated reporters O Create a target list to recruit Ambassadors O Set up Logistics O Take A.C.T.I.O.N…
  14. 14. Crime Report Scenario O Discuss how the Ambassador program can help prevent the likelihood of this happening again O Share scenarios O Apply A.C.T.I.O.N. steps using the tips sheet for community engagement
  15. 15. Scenario: Fraud O 0800 hrs. 200 block Sugarland Run Dr. Sterling. Fraud: A resident received a call from an unknown subject claiming to be from the IRS. The caller stated the victim owed back taxes. The victim learned the call was a scam after sending the caller money. 58 yo Female $387 Reload It card • Numerous reports about scam • Law Enforcement press release • IRS sends letter, no calls
  16. 16. Scenario: Grandparent Scam 84 yo White Male Attempted to withdrawal $3k Bank rep inquiry saved resident Encourage to report Ask for contact information Inquire with relatives Resident received late night call from someone claiming to be his grandson and requesting bail money. Another male got on phone claiming to be Captain ‘So and So’ saying resident needed to go get cash from bank to pay for a secured voucher. The grandparent went to bank to withdraw cash. The bank manager questioned the need for cash. After a few follow up calls, the bank manager explained this is probably a scam.
  17. 17. Scenario: Fraud 5/12, 2015 1735 : Victim was contacted by a suspect claiming to be from Microsoft who offered the victim a refund on a product. Victim allowed suspect to remotely access his computer and bank account. • 65 YO WHITE MALE • $3,000 • RETIRED CIA • Report it • Contact landline carrier to set up “trap and trace” • Businesses already have your personal information
  18. 18. Q & A O Contact information: Email: O Call: 703-777-0257 O Share resources with each other