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Adaptive home environments and home keepers presentation for vgca


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Adaptive home environments and home keepers presentation for vgca

Published in: Healthcare
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Adaptive home environments and home keepers presentation for vgca

  1. 1. Successful Living on Your Terms Through Universal Design, Home Modification and Assistive Technology
 Lynn Ivey, Home Keepers LLC Marion Shackford, Adaptive Home Environments LLC May 2, 2016
  2. 2. ! Aging in Place is the well-known term which describes the desire for people to remain living in their homes and in their communities as they get older. We believe that Thriving in Place© is more descriptive of the peace of mind, social engagement, self-reliance, healthy activity, wellness, independence and psychological nurturing which results from planning ahead to re-design and modify the physical environments of our homes to meet our needs and help us to achieve our goals. Aging in Place or Thriving in Place?
  3. 3. ! Universal Design ! Home Modifications ! Assistive Technology Overview
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL DESIGN ! Enables and empowers by improving human performance, health and wellness and social participation. ! Makes things more accessible, safer, and convenient for everyone.
  5. 5. • At least one entry door to residence with no steps. (zero step entrance) and a flush or low threshold • All doors have lever hardware on both sides of the door • At least one door is minimum of 36” wide • A 5’ diameter clear floor maneuvering space adjacent to interior and exterior sides of entry door. Universal Design
  6. 6. • Appliances designed and placed for convenient use from a standing or seated position. Controls that are easy to reach, see, understand and operate Universal Design
  7. 7. Base Cabinets with Pull Out Shelves Base Cabinets with Pull Up Shelves Base Cabinets with Swing Out Shelves Universal Design
  8. 8. • Work surfaces at various heights that are accessible for various users standing or seated Universal Design
  9. 9. Zero Step Shower with grab bars and built in bench Towel bar that is a grab bar Touchless faucet with lever handle Universal Design
  10. 10. HOME MODIFICATIONS ! Planned ◦ Result is often thoughtful-fewer surprises- integrated-tasteful-economical ! Reactive ◦ Result is often anxiety-”make-do”-more expensive-poorer quality
  11. 11. ➢Home modification, compared to Universal Design, is a person-centered approach. ➢Based upon the needs, strengths, challenges, preferences, and goals of the people who live in the home; as well as the all characteristics of the home’s interior and exterior environment. ➢Goal: optimal person-environment fit so that the residents of the home can live safely, independently, perform tasks more easily, and continue to enjoy their home, their neighborhood and the memories which are an intrinsic part of one’s home. Home Modifications
  12. 12. ➢ The vital first step of a Home Modification project is an assessment of the people who live in the home and the home environment. ➢ The person-centered assessment evaluates the residents’ ability to function in the home environment, how they perform everyday activities, what they view as challenges now and into the future, their preferences and desires, their physical, sensory and cognitive status, and health care problems and diagnoses and prognosis Home Modifications
  13. 13. ➢The environmental assessment covers all aspects of the interior and exterior of the home: • Dimensions of door clearances, hallways, interior spaces in all rooms for maneuverability • Floor textures and thresholds • Lighting • Placement of security systems, mechanical controls, electrical outlets and switches • Appliances, cabinetry, and closets, door and cabinetry hardware • Interior and exterior stairways and steps, pathways to entrances • Bathroom fixtures, faucets and controls Home Modifications
  14. 14. Difficult to access tub & shower Low toilet, no assistive bars Home Modifications: Before
  15. 15. Home Modifications: After
  16. 16. Home Modifications: Before & After
  17. 17. Home Modifications: Before & After
  18. 18. Home Modifications: Before & After
  19. 19. Home Modifications: Before & After
  20. 20. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY ➢Smart Home Environments ➢Remote Monitoring ➢Medication Management ➢Fall Detection ➢Wander prevention
  21. 21. The possibilities are endless: Assistive Technology
  22. 22. Assistive Technology
  23. 23. Thriving in Place © HomeKeepers LLC Adaptive Home Environments LLC