Empower Network Review: Everything You've Wanted to Know about Empower Network


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This Empower Network review is totally unbiased and based on my experiences with this awesome company.

I go in and talk about -

What Empower Network is
The products of Empower Network
Empower Network's compensation plan
Pros and cons of Empower Network
Why you should join my Empower Network team

Everything is here guys. If you've ever thought about joining a network marketing or mlm business, here's a chance to dive head first.

At the end of this presentation, I've left all of my contact information.

Feel free to hit me up anytime.

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Empower Network Review: Everything You've Wanted to Know about Empower Network

  1. 1. Official Empower Network Review Unbiased Look Thursday, December 5, 13
  2. 2. Overview • • • • • What is Empower Network? Diving into Empower Network Products Empower Network’s Compensation Plan Empower Network Review: Pros and Cons Why you should join my Empower Network Team Thursday, December 5, 13
  3. 3. What is Empower Network? • • 100% Pyramid scheme • • You sell their products and services • • You want them to repeat the process It’s a damn good one! They off the best Internet marketing training, tools, resources Your job is to recruit as many people as possible, selling their products (downline) This is what makes it a “pyramid” or “multi-level” marketing Thursday, December 5, 13
  4. 4. Diving into Empower Network Products • The “Blog Beast” - $25 a month - You get an already made-for-you blog. It’s a simple point-and-click, mobile-friendly platform.You don’t have to worry about any technical aspects and you are provided with training • The Inner Circle Audios - $100 a month - You have access to all “mindset training” audios.You will hear inspiring stories from the top earners within Empower Network. Plus in-depth training on how to be successful in this business. • The Costa Rica Intensive - $500 one-time-payment - This is a live mastermind training by David Wood (one of the founders of Empower Network) near is home in Costa Rica. This course is all about building your business on a larger scale. This course also teaches you on personal branding and the psychology of making it big in any business. • The 15K Formula - $1000 one-time-payment - This is Empower Network’s best product. This is a step-by-step process on the best and most current Internet marketing strategies in the business.You will learn everything from SEO to email marketing to paid marketing to social media and so much more! • The Masters Retreat - $3500 one-time-payment - I only recommend this course to the advanced marketer.You need to first dive into the 15K formula and master it before buying this product. This course teaches you how to build your Online marketing empire by creating a team of leaders to mimic your success. There are 41 training modules in total. Thursday, December 5, 13
  5. 5. Empower Network’s Compensation Plan • • You pay $19.95 a month to be an affiliate and sell their products. • • • You will qualify for commissions in two ways • You have not met the criteria above, then the commission will go to your sponsor. (The person who brought you in Empower Network) • You pass-up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every fifth sale thereafter on each of the five commissionable products You earn 100% commissions on the first 4 products and roughly 85% commission on the Masters Retreat (You will receive $3000 on the $3500 product) 1 - Making a sell of each product to a non-affiliate (someone who has not activated his/her account) 2 - By first buying each product you want to sell. Each Empower Network product you buy, you can sell for 100% commissions. Thursday, December 5, 13
  6. 6. Empower Network: Pros and Cons • • Pros • You have great leadership, support, and cultural experience. Empower Network makes Internet marketing so fun and you will learn so much. • Most of the “selling” and “heavy lifting” and has been taken care of for you.You are provided with a “high-converting” funnel (squeeze pages, capture pages, etc) to build your business. ALL you have to do is focus on traffic. • How do you focus on traffic? By joining my team, you will have access to the Prosperity team Empower Network training. The prosperity team will teach you step by step on setting up your business, how to generate leads, and ultimately convert those leads to sales. • Scale and Magnitude- You can sell all these products worldwide, online, and at the convenience of your home. Not to mention you can make up to $4,625 per each referral. Empower Network offers some of the best Online marketing trainings in the business. I highly recommend the Inner Circle audios and 15K formula. Thursday, December 5, 13
  7. 7. Empower Network Pros and Cons • • Cons • • • There is a great earning potential, but it’s expensive to get “all in” and grab all the products. • Empower Network needs to more product-centric in a trending way. The Costa Rica Intensive is “outdated” and needs improvement. The blogging platform is great, but many people tend to spam the hell out of it, thus decreasing your ranking pages. There is a lot of polarizing within Empire Network with its subject to criticism and hype. Do you want to be apart of that? There is a high percentage failure rate in this business. Only 5% of active affiliates make good money. There’s a lot of competition. However, there are so many lead-generation strategies out there that Empower Network will never become saturated. Thursday, December 5, 13
  8. 8. Why You Should Join My Empower Network • I’m here for you every step of the way. I will take you step-by-step and present you with an action plan that has help me succeed in this business. • • I will not leave you in the dark on anything. • You get free access to the Prosperity team training. This training will teach you everything on how to build your business the right way. • You get free access to all the tools I use including Social Lead Freak,YouTube Money Machine, and 2 cent Facebook clicks. • I make $4000 a month in residual with Empower Network. You can definitely do the same. My door is always open to you.You can contact me via phone or email anytime. Thursday, December 5, 13
  9. 9. Contact • • • • • Rex Anderson • http://www.rexandersonreflects.com/empowernetwork-review-unbiased-look/ Email- RexAnderson84@gmail.com Phone- 205- 422-3874 Website- http://www.rexandersonreflects.com More information on this Empower Network Review Thursday, December 5, 13