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User's guide: library back office of OpenEdition Books


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Librarian's guide of the library back office offered by OpenEdition.
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User's guide: library back office of OpenEdition Books

  1. 1. How to best use your personalized library back office of OpenEdition Books?
  2. 2. Login on the webpage: Should you have any problem with your login and password or wish to update them, please contact us at
  3. 3. Your dashboard
  4. 4. Homepage of your library account Language choice Your university Logout
  5. 5. Homepage of your library account: the dashboard Five sections in your dashboard to best manage your collections and purchase
  6. 6. The catalogue
  7. 7. Catalogue of OpenEdition Books: by book or by bundle
  8. 8. Metadata of the books Commercial information For more information Catalogue of OpenEdition Books: by book Export the metadata of all books to XLS
  9. 9. Catalogue of OpenEdition Books: by book Sort the title list by publisher, title or price Search by keyword Number of books displayed
  10. 10. Catalogue of OpenEdition Books: by book State of the book: ‘published’ or ‘publication date: xx/xx/xxxx‘ There are more books here than on the OpenEdition Books platform, where only published books appear
  11. 11. Select titles to: - Add to cart (permanent purchase or rental) - Get records Marc or Unimarc Select all books Select a few titles
  12. 12. More information about a title:
  13. 13. Click on ‘Show details’ Commercial informationMetadata Abstract Various options
  14. 14. Click on ‘Read on OpenEdition Books’ Friendly return to the public interface to possibly browse the book, get some more information… Click ‘back’ to go back to the library account.
  15. 15. For more information on each bundle: click on it Bundles by publisher, theme (discipline, area, period of time…), language of publication… Gross price Export the records of the bundles List of bundles
  16. 16. Calculate your net price, which will take into account your discounts + previous purchases
  17. 17. Example of bundle
  18. 18. Create a quotation, a simulation, a shopping cart…
  19. 19. Create a new shopping cart - Enter a name - Save it
  20. 20. Check all saved shopping carts Click on a shopping cart to edit it / amend it
  21. 21. Select this cart to amend it
  22. 22. Select some books / bundles in the catalogue and add them to your shopping cart or Two options : permanent purchase (ownership) or annual purchase (rental)
  23. 23. In your shopping cart To view your shopping cart, click here (3 books and one bundle have been saved in the shopping cart)
  24. 24. Export the shopping cart Duplicate Ask OpenEdition for a quotation Print Bundles selected Books selected Bundle discount + duplications deducted Quantity discount deducted Special discount deducted Net price Your shopping cart Type of purchase: permanent or annual
  25. 25. You will receive your quote from us within a few days
  26. 26. Your saved quotations
  27. 27. Your past orders Check your past orders
  28. 28. Your acquisitions Sorted out by type of purchase: annual (rental) or permanen t Get the records of selected books (or all books), export the title list into XLS All the books you purchased are listed here. Click on ‘Acquisitions’ to see the permanent purchased titles, on ‘Rentals’ to see the rent titles.
  29. 29. do not hesitate to contact us: +33413 551297 or 550227 For any further information: