Intro to Coins Interactive Powerpoint


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An introduction for students in first and second grade to the different U.S. coins.

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  • This presentation looks like it would work good for my first grade students.
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Intro to Coins Interactive Powerpoint

  1. 1. Introduction to Money!!! An Interactive Powerpoint Presentation By: Michelle Revord 1st – 2nd grade
  2. 2. About the Quit Presentation • This presentation is all about money! This introduction to the different coins found in the United States does the following: – Gives a good visual of the coin’s physical features. – Gives a description of each coin. – Gives the amount of each coin by itself, also tells how many of each coin it takes to make one dollar. • In this presentation there is a separate slide for each coin. The individual slides can be accessed through the main slide.
  3. 3. Why Is Money Quit Important? It is very important to know how to use and count money because it is a universal tool. There is money found in every country of the world and people use it everyday. Money is used for almost everything we do such as buying groceries, buying toys, going to the movies. Money is all over!!!
  4. 4. Main Slide Quit • About the presentation • U.S. Coins: – Penny – Nickel – Dime – Quarter – Dollar Coin • Review of Coins • The Coin Song Video • About the Author • Resources
  5. 5. Penny Quit What Does the Penny Look Like? Compared to the other coins it is very different. The penny is made out of copper so it is a orange- brown color. Although it is worth the least amount, it is not the smallest coin. 1 Penny = 1 cent To count pennies we 100 Pennies = 1 dollar count by 1’s.
  6. 6. Nickel Quit What does the Nickel look like? The coin nickel is silver like the coins the quarter and dime. It is smooth around its edges unlike the other silver coins. The nickel is one the 1 Nickel = 5 cents second largest of 20 Nickels = 1 dollar coins.
  7. 7. Dime Quit What Does the Dime Look Like? The dime is the smallest of all the U.S. coins. It is silver just like the nickel and quarter. The dime is worth more than the penny and the nickel even though it is the smallest of 1 Dime = 10 cents all the coins. To count in 10 Dimes = 1 dollar dimes we count by 10’s.
  8. 8. Quarter Quit What Does The Quarter Look Like? The Quarter is the largest of all coins. It is silver just like the dime and the nickel. It is also the coin that is worth the most amount Quarter = 25 Cents of money. To count in 4 Quarters = 1 Dollar quarters we count by 25.
  9. 9. Dollar Coin Quit What Does the Dollar Coin Look Like? The dollar coin is a new coin. It is a gold coin that is similar in size to that of the quarter. The dollar coin was made for reasons related to the economy and environment. The dollar Dollar coin = 1 dollar coin is equal to the amount of a dollar bill.
  10. 10. Review Quit What is the coin called and How Coins much are they worth? Penny = 1 cent Nickel = 5 cents Dime = 10 cents Quarter = 25 cents Dollar Coin = $ 1
  11. 11. About the Author Quit • My name is Michelle Revord and I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I will be graduating from the college of education at Grand Valley in 2012. Currently my major is in mathematics and I have not decided on a minor yet. I have not decided on an age level to teach yet and that will depend on what levels of math I would like to teach. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions feel free to e-mail me at:
  12. 12. Resources Quit • content/uploads/2009/02/money.jpg • issue_US_Penny_obverse_2.jpg • v=0 • • • 1120/061120_dollar_coin_hmed_9a.hmedium.jpg • AAAAAZM/2shJWnnce0I/s320/us-dime.gif • • pFkugU&feature=PlayList&p=510566A989F5EA5A&playnext= 1&playnext_from=PL&index=31