Art Film Fest - Creative producing


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Presentation for the Art Film Fest Slovakia about creative producing for feature films.

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Art Film Fest - Creative producing

  1. 1. “Most people have absolutely no concept of what producers do,even people in the film business…”BARBARA BROCCOLI (co-producer of James Bond movies).“Every producer is different! It’s been so different on everymovie that I’ve worked on. For me, there is no definition”SYDNEY POLLACK (producer and director).
  2. 2. Talent scout Friend Councelor Guide Collaborator Financier Mum Dad Admit it... Marketeerwe are insane Leader Inspirator Facilitator Initiator Lawyer Shrink
  3. 3. Creative producer vs. financial producerYou need creative insight to make the right choices,and you need business acumen to set out the whole project properly
  4. 4. creative producervscreative producing
  5. 5. “A Producer is a Creator”(Hal B Wallis, 1949)
  6. 6. Dino De Laurentiis: “ To become a great producer you must have somethinginside of you that I cannot teach you… You need an artistic feeling insideyou, something that divides artists and non-artists”
  7. 7. SOME ‘RULES’ OF ENGAGEMENTfor the creative producer
  8. 8. PassionThe more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly theidea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to itsfulfillment
  9. 9. Connect & understandEngage with peoples imagination & creative expression
  10. 10. Collaborationthere is nothing more rewarding for a director than being ableto collaborate with a creative producer, and there is no better marriage thanthat of a producer and director who collaborate brilliantly
  11. 11. what does your director need?
  12. 12. The Holy Trinity
  13. 13. ConflictConflict & tension can be productive, generatingenergy and inventiveness
  14. 14. Curiosity...Everything can be a story, theres a story in everything
  15. 15. ...and inspiration“He who does not travel,who does not read,who does not listen to music,who does not find grace in himself,dies slowly.” Surround yourself with ideas!
  16. 16. ? The symbol of provocation and the beauty spot of the soul
  17. 17. “[Luke:] I can’t believe it.[Yoda:] That is why you fail
  18. 18. ExperimentThe irresistible feeling of not knowing what your doingbut doing it nevertheless
  19. 19. To get the best picture...
  20. 20. ... dare to jump
  21. 21. And push limitsNo guts no glory!
  22. 22. May 2008: crazy plan December 2008: shoot in Shanghai Whole of f*&ng 2009 and 2010: EditFebruary 2011: Premiere IFF Rotterdam (+ a major award)
  23. 23. Shootingbudget: € 45,000Postproduction budget: € 65,000 # Shootingdays: 10 # Edit days: lost count
  24. 24. Picked up by sales agent Reel SuspectsPicked up by distributor Cinema DelicatessenMarketscreenings CannesSelected for Gotenburg, Montreal and moreReleased NL: 9 June 2011
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  26. 26. Sueñoen otroidiomaI Dreamin AnotherLanguageUna película deA film byErnesto Contreras
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