Prayer of Adoration


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a prayer inspired by cute baby pictures

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Prayer of Adoration

  1. 1. When I am totally amazed by the awesome vastness of the universe, When I realize that I am part of something much bigger than I can conceive, Then I know what it is to call you Creator God Architect of the heavens and the Earth – maker of all that is seen and unseen…
  2. 2. When I am lost in wonder at the tiniest detail When I realize how wonderfully I am made Then I know what it is to call you Father God The one who has known me from birth, the one who knows me by name, and loves me…
  3. 3. When I feel safe and warm and cosy and snug When I feel at peace and at one with the world Then I know what it is to feel your arms wrapped around me The God who like a mother hen would gather us up under her wings…
  4. 4. When I feel secure, held by a strength that isn’t mine, When I can rest in the confidence that you will not let me fall, Then I know what it is to call you Abba – Daddy, The God who holds me up and will not let me go…
  5. 5. When I’m tired of life and all the expectations people have of me. When I’m not quite the angel that people expect me to be. When I’m not quite the person you have made me to be Then I know what it is to call you the forgiving God; The God who is always ready to refresh my faith and give me a new start.
  6. 6. When I don’t understand the world anymore, when it all seems beyond me; When life seems to pass me by moving at a pace that it’s hard to match... Then I am ready to meet the God who calls us apart The God who calls us to stillness and contemplation – be still and know that I am God
  7. 7. When I am drawn together with my sisters and brothers in Christ When I gather with friends of Jesus from near and far Then I know that I can never be alone in Faith, that you made us to be your body The God who has no hands or feet on earth but ours The God who calls us to serve him together
  8. 8. When I discover what it is to share When I learn that the gifts that life has to offer are much richer when they are given away... Then I am ready to understand the God who gave himself for the World; The God who sent his only son – that we might believe...