Gospel of mark pt 1 session 11


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  • “clean” & “unclean”: In the earlier part of this chapter, Jesus draws a distinction between clean and unclean food. Now He broadens that thought to people as well. “Jews”: Jesus initially focused on spreading the kingdom message to the children of Israel. They were the people of promise but was can see in this passage that Jesus did not limit himself to just the Jews. He didn’t come to die for the Jews but for the whole world (John 3:16, “For God so loved the world . . .”)
  • “dog”: The Greek for dog here is not a reference to some mangy street animal that roams the streets in packs but a domesticated house pet. Like throwing food from the dinner table to loveable Rover. Jesus wasn’t calling her a dog but is referencing that food on the table was meant for the people at the table and not the doggies/puppies in the house. “faith”: Heb 11:6, “Without faith . . .” Her faith in Jesus was such that if he just showed her a mustard seed of favor (“a crumb”), her daughter would be alright. God doesn’t need a lot in order to bless us.
  • “healing”: Jesus deals with each person individually when healing them. “aside”: This ailment was an embarrassing one and so Jesus takes the man aside from the crowd. “actions”: Because the man had challenges hearing and speaking, Jesus uses gestures to show that He was about the heal the mans ears and tongue.
  • “crowds”, “instruction/teaching”: Jesus continued to try to stay under the radar (7:36-37) but large groups continued to flock to him. This time He had a three day conference. Wouldn’t you have wanted to be there for that series of teachings? “love”, “power”: Jesus had compassion on the crowd by wanting to feed the people who had traveled a long distance to be with him. His power was exercised because Jesus cared for them. “instruction”: The disciples still were learning about who Jesus is. Why do you suppose that they still lacked faith when it came to feeding this crowd? (v. 4). Jesus asked the same question in v. 5 that he asked in 6:38.
  • “commonplace”: With all that Jesus had been doing throughout Mark’s gospel (remember that the whole gospel covers a span of three years), how could the Pharisees want to see a sign? They didn’t have ears to hear or eyes to see just what Jesus had been doing. “revelation”: The Pharisee had a lot before them already (Jesus, healings, feeding of large crowds, powerful Spirit filled teaching, etc) and they didn’t believe. We too have to be careful not to see some new revelation when we haven’t even exhausted the revelation already given (Bible, church, prayer, Holy Spirit, etc.). No new signs are needed today any more than when Jesus walked this earth.
  • “leaven”: A little leaven (or yeast) can effect the outcome of a loaf of bread significantly. The teaching of the Scribes and Pharisees did not draw people closer to God but rather enslaved them to customs and traditions that drove people away from God and focused their attention upon themselves. “rebukes”, “slow”: Even Jesus gets a little testy with the disciples because they are not “getting it” when it comes to ministry. Since Jesus time on the planet was going to limited, He knew that He had to pour Himself into their lives while He was with them. Sometimes I have to do the same in an attempt to persuade folks to get serious about their faith.
  • Jesus withdrew from the crowds on only a couple of occasions: the raising of Jairus’s daughter (5:35–43), where Jesus’ motive is clearly to rid himself of the commotion caused by the professional mourners; the healing of the deaf mute (7:31–37), where Jesus wanted to establish a personal contact with the man to help his faith; and the present incident.“2 part”: the only other time that is close to this incident is the blind man in John 9 that is healed after Jesus puts mud on his eyes. The man had probably not been born blind as evidenced that he could recognize trees. This opening of the eyes of the blind mind is a preview of the opening of the eyes of the disciples in next week’s lesson. We’ve seen over and over with the disciples that they don’t seem to be getting who Jesus is but the passage right after this one show how their eyes were opened.
  • Gospel of mark pt 1 session 11

    1. 1. The Gospel Of St Mark – Part 1<br />Life Enrichment University<br />St Mark Missionary Baptist Church<br />Session 11<br />Ps Darryl M. Matthews, Instructor<br />
    2. 2. Some FurtherMiracles<br />The Gospel of<br />St Mark – Part 1<br />
    3. 3. Some Further Miracles<br />Significant Events We’ll Examine:<br />All People Are Alike To Jesus (7:24-30)<br />Jesus Restores Speech & Hearing (7:31-37)<br />Feeding The Four Thousand (8:1-9)<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    4. 4. Some Further Miracles<br />Significant Events We’ll Examine:<br />The Pharisees Desire A Sign (8:11-13)<br />The Disciples Slow To Learn (8:14-21)<br />The Blind Man At Bethsaida (8:22-26)<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    5. 5. Some Further Miracles<br />All People Are Alike To Jesus (7:24-30)<br />Jesus makes a distinction between __________ & __________ people. <br />Jesus primary focus of his ministry at first was to the __________. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    6. 6. Some Further Miracles<br />All People Are Alike To Jesus (7:24-30)<br />Jesus’ reference to the woman as a __________ seems harsh but isn’t.<br />This woman’s __________ in Jesus brought about healing for her daughter.<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    7. 7. Some Further Miracles<br />Jesus Restores Speech And Hearing (7:31-37)<br />Jesus __________ miracles were never routine. <br />Jesus takes the man __________ to heal him. <br />Jesus uses __________ to show the man what he was going to do. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    8. 8. Some Further Miracles<br />Jesus Feeds Four Thousand (8:1-9)<br />Large __________ gather again to listen to Jesus’ __________. <br />For the crowds, the miracles were of __________ & __________. For the disciples, they were miracles of __________. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    9. 9. Some Further Miracles<br />The Pharisees Desire A Sign (8:11-13)<br />Jesus miracles had become so __________ to the Pharisees that they missed his daily signs & wonders. <br />God will not give new __________ when we overlook what is already available. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    10. 10. Some Further Miracles<br />The Disciples Slow To Learn (8:14-21)<br />Jesus used _________ as an illustration of the effect the Pharisees/Herod could have on their faith. <br />Jesus __________ the disciples for being __________ to learn the lessons He was trying to teach them. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    11. 11. Some Further Miracles<br />The Blind Man At Bethsaida (8:22-26)<br />Jesus used a __________ approach in healing this blind man. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 11<br />
    12. 12. Next Week – Lesson 12<br />The Meaning Of Jesus’ Ministry(Mark 8:27-38)<br />