Gospel of mark pt 1 session 09


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  • Jesus had “compassion” on the large crowds that followed Him whereever He went. “hungry” people “away”: They didn’t feel they had any responsibility for these folks menu’s. Fish was a regular part of the Jewish culture’s meals along with bread.
  • Accomplish “much”?
  • Jesus sends the disciples ahead of him by “boat” on the water while He dismisses the crowds and goes to pray. The people wanted to make Jesus “king” because he was able to feed the hungry, heal the sick and raise the dead. What more could you ask of a political leader? Jesus had so much more to teach them about what being in relationship with God was really all about. There are some people today who view the church the same way: a place to get an earthly need met but they aren’t interested in a relationship with the Savior.
  • “encouragement”: When they saw Jesus walking by them on the water, He reassured them that it was Himself. Mark notes that they were still bothered by the miracle of the feeding in v. 52b. The night was divided into four watches: 6–9 P.M., 9–12 P.M., 12–3 A.M., and 3–6 A.M. Jesus came to them on the 4th watch. “Sovereign”, “loaves” or “winds”: Had they come to grips with just who Jesus was, they would have understood that that same power to multiply the loaves would enable Jesus to walk on the water and to calm the strong winds once He was on board the boat.
  • The text says that Jesus did everything in that area except preach!
  • Gospel of mark pt 1 session 09

    1. 1. The Gospel Of St Mark – Part 1<br />Life Enrichment University<br />St Mark Missionary Baptist Church<br />Session 09<br />Ps Darryl M. Matthews, Instructor<br />
    2. 2. Jesus’ Mastery Over The Laws Of Nature<br />The Gospel of<br />St Mark – Part 1<br />
    3. 3. Jesus’ Mastery Over Nature<br />Significant Events We’ll Examine:<br />Five Thousand Fed (6:33-44)<br />Conquest Of The Storm (6:45-52)<br />Ministry In Gennesaret (6:53-56)<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 08<br />
    4. 4. Jesus’ Mastery Over Nature<br />Five Thousand Fed (6:33-44)<br />Two reactions to human need: <br />Jesus had _________ on the large crowd that followed them. <br />The disciples wanted to send the __________ people __________<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 08<br />
    5. 5. Jesus’ Mastery Over Nature<br />Five Thousand Fed (6:33-44)<br />What is your attitude like when you encounter something way beyond your ability to handle? <br />How much does God need from us in order to accomplish __________?<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 08<br />
    6. 6. Jesus’ Mastery Over Nature<br />Conquest Of The Storm (6:45-52)<br />Jesus sends the disciples away in a __________. <br />John’s gospel (Jn 6) reveals how some of the people wanted to make Jesus their __________. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 08<br />
    7. 7. Jesus’ Mastery Over Nature<br />Conquest Of The Storm (6:45-52)<br />Jesus gave the disciples a word of __________ when they were afraid. <br /> The disciples did not fully understand Jesus’ __________ power over the __________ or the strong __________.<br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 08<br />
    8. 8. Jesus’ Mastery Over Nature<br />Ministry In Gennesaret (6:53-56)<br />What element of Jesus ministry is not mentioned admist all that Jesus did in this area? <br />We have to be careful not to loose our __________. <br />Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 08<br />
    9. 9. Next Week – Lesson 10<br />The Danger OfMan-Made Religion(Mark 7:1-23)<br />