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MLM Recruiting: Third Base


Published on Part 3 of 3 in a series designed to give you a process you can follow and teach your team in order to compete with the "Big Boys" in your Network Marketing company.

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MLM Recruiting: Third Base

  1. 1.
  2. 2. How-To MLM SeriesSecrets of Prospecting in MLMThird Base
  3. 3. The Baseball Diamond• Starts with a List (everyone you know)• Goal is to simply allow your prospect multipleexposures• Focus on sorting– Need somewhere to start– Talk to everyone on your list• Prospects will go through a PROCESS to crosshome plate (join the business)
  4. 4. • First Base– Pique Interest• Money• 30 seconds• Info– Raise curiosity, don’t satisfy it• Second Base– Use multiple exposures to build socialacceptance• Stop trying to sign people up in the pique• Let prospects see the info 3 times– Use the Escalator of Social ProgressionReview
  5. 5. 3rd Base• No need to SELL the opportunity• One question: Do you like what you see?• One last job: edify an expert– Upline– Sideline– Business Partner
  6. 6. Edification• Talking about someone else can make youwealthy!• Communicate on 4 things:– Knowledgeable– Success– Fun– Helping People
  7. 7. Pass Off Prospect• Edify expert and inform prospect to expect aphone call– “… tell you about one of my business partners…”– “… knows 100% of the information…”– “… one of the leaders…”– “… fun to be around…”– “… loves to help people…”– “… going to forward your number and havehim/her call you…”
  8. 8. The Journey Home• Your expert will close the deal… not you!• 3rd Base is getting your prospect in contactwith your expert• Handled appropriately, your expert will takeyour prospect to Home Base
  9. 9. The Baseball Diamond
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