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Thai Herbal Ball Massage | Thai Yoga Style Massage

Swedish Massage, Couple Massage, Thai Yoga Style Massage, Combo Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Herbal Ball Massage

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Thai Herbal Ball Massage | Thai Yoga Style Massage

  1. 1. Revive Thai Spa Massage Centr Revive Thai Spa is the place to relax and pamper yourself with soothing feeling and rejuvenating glow. Our Spa Center is located at Hermosa beach on upper pier avenue. Our skilled esthetician and therapists are knowledgeable in spa services. We also offer six private rooms with personalized lighting and music.
  2. 2. Our Services: Variety of services offered by us include: Body Scrubs Skin Treatments Waxing Facials Paraffin Treatments. Massages
  3. 3. Massage Treatments: We offer quality massage treatment such as Swedish Massage: Kneading strokes and shaking motion is used to relax the body.Couple Massage: Romantic massage for couples.Thai Yoga Style Massage: Stretching technique is used along with firm pressure.ombo Massage: Swedish and Thai massage amalgamation. Hot Stone Massage: Smooth and warm stones used for traditional Swedish massage.Foot Massage: Massage on feet pressure points.Thai Herbal Ball Massage: Herbal rhythmic massage.
  4. 4. Skin Care treatments: We offer quality skin care treatment which include: Paraffin treatment: Advance technique to moisturize and soften skin in which Feet and hands are inserted into wax and wrapped with plastic. Later
  5. 5. Waxing Service: We offer best waxing services that include: Full Face Waxing Full Arm Waxing Half Arm Waxing Back Waxing Half Leg Waxing Playboy Waxing Underarms Waxing