Unlocking The Mystery That Is Web Marketing Part 2


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Part 2 of two part series given by David McLaughlin on digital marketing

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Unlocking The Mystery That Is Web Marketing Part 2

  1. 1. Unlocking the mystery that is website marketing Part 2 David McLaughlin Senior Account Manager Revium Revium PTY LTD 2009 revium.com.au
  2. 2. Email Marketing (Electronic Direct Marketing - eDM) revium.com.au
  3. 3. eDM - Isn’t this outbound marketing? • Yes, but still beneficial in these times (if done right!) • A 2008 survey by Newsweaver and B2B Marketing Magazine of 175 UK B2B marketers revealed 78% considered email "critical" or "very important" to their B2B marketing strategy revium.com.au
  4. 4. Why email marketing works. • It allows targeting • It is data driven • It drives direct sales • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust • It supports sales through other channels revium.com.au
  5. 5. The issues marketers must address when taking on email marketing • Messages need to be designed and formatted in manner that adheres to corporate styles • Messages need to be individually addressed • Plain text versions need to sent for customer who opt for this version • Users need to be able to opt-in and opt- out easily and automatically (Website sign up forms)revium.com.au
  6. 6. The issues marketers must address when taking on email marketing • Mailings need to conform to Anti Spam legislation • Unskilled users should be able to perform the send outs in-house revium.com.au
  7. 7. What’s the best approach? • Don’t use Outlook (PLEASE!) • Use a proven email marketing system.
  8. 8. Email Marketing: Recommended Process • Create and develop a mailing list (sign up forms online, offline sign up forms) - This can take time, but is worth it! • Design and build a rich format HTML email marketing template • Test the template in spam checkers (such as spam assassin) • Create the content • Utilize specialised email marketing software to distribute the software • Send test messages, send more test messages and then once more • Track and monitors results • Maintain database and ensure unsubscribes are removed from lists revium.com.au
  9. 9. revium.com.au
  10. 10. Email Marketing Systems* • Aweber • Campaign Monitor • Web developer supplied* revium.com.au
  11. 11. eCommerce & Online Selling*
  12. 12. The basics of eCommerce • eCommerce simply means offering goods for sale online and facilitating the transaction online • The basics you must have: • Website • Product listing • Order form (Remember GST!) revium.com.au
  13. 13. Options for selling online • Product listing and phone for order. Pay offline. • Products, downloadable order form & fax or email in. • Products, online order form (single form) • Product management system and online enquiries only • Products database or “management system”, shopping cart & online payments. Least complex Most complex revium.com.au
  14. 14. Secure payments • Secure server to receive credit card details • Shared secure server. E.g. https:// www.somedomainname.com/payments/ yourname/pay.html (little to no cost) • Dedicated secure serer. E.g. https:// www.yourbusiness.com ($400 per year) revium.com.au
  15. 15. Payment Processing • Batch processing offline (sent via email or stored in eCommerce / Management system) • Integrate to PayPal (or other gateway) for alternative payment method ($400+ set-up) • Real time payment gateway ($1k+ setup plus transaction fee) revium.com.au
  16. 16. Product & Order Management Systems • Shopping Cart for users • Take control in-house by operators • Manage products • Manage categories • Manage customer details • Manage orders • Manage shipping/postage costs revium.com.au
  17. 17. Other eCommerce features • Product search • “Remember my details” for repeat customers • People interested in this product also purchased *** • Add-on email marketing • Real-time stock control • A/B testing • Reporting • Refer a friend tools • Buying demos revium.com.au
  18. 18. Other web marketing techniques at a glance • Affiliate marketing / Banner Ads • Viral marketing (emails, videos etc) • Blogging (in-bound marketing) • Pod/Vodcasting • Webinars • Wikis / Knowledge bases
  19. 19. Summary • Combination of many factors that make a website a success • Sound design and development • Marketing (Online and offline) • Ongoing updates / maintenance • Community development • Test the waters, find what works for your site • Invest as much, if not more into the marketing side of the web project than the development itself. • Speak to a professional - let them do the hard work! revium.com.au