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2017 Pharmaceutical Technology Profile and Distribution


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Pharmaceutical Technology is a magazine specialized in pharmaceutical technology. It's distributed bimonthly in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá and Dominican Republic.

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2017 Pharmaceutical Technology Profile and Distribution

  1. 1. 15 years Distributed BIMONTHLY Distribution Publishes reliable and timely information for scientists, engineers, technicians, and managers engaged in process development, manufacturing, formulation, analytical technology, packaging, and validation and compliance in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
  2. 2. 15 years Distributed BIMONTHLY by paid subscription Geographically in Mexico the Pharmaceutical Industry is concentrated in the metropolitan area of Mexico City, and in the states of Estado de México (Toluca City), Jalisco, Morelos and Puebla. CIRCULATION 3,200 copies PASS-ALONG Average 4 Central America and Caribbean Area are mainly covered by on line subscription. Distribution in Mexico per State
  3. 3. You will see that readers rely on Pharmatech en Español to keep them abreast of the changing technology and to help them make purchase decisions Pharmaceutical Technology’s authoritative reputation and powerful brand recognition within the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical development & manufacturing marketplace, will help you establish and maintain your own brand strong among pharma industry decision makers. A circulation of 3,200 BPA-qualified subscribers, and unmatched peer written and reviewed editorial, make Pharmaceutical Technology an invaluable resource within top pharma companies, as well as small, specialty and biotech pharma companies spending billions each year on pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. WE REACH INDUSTRY LEADERS AT TOP COMPANIES Readers for type of Industry / BusinessWe reach more than 300 Pharmaceutical facilities
  4. 4. We’ve cornered the market on R&D, QA/QC, Production/Manufacturing/Engineering and related job functions at top Pharma and Biotech manufacturing companies. Readers for Variety of Jobs 15 years Distributed BIMONTHLY
  5. 5. 15 years Distributed BIMONTHLY Ask for our multimedia solutions and alternatives for advertising on the web CONTACT / INFO: T +52 (55) 5659 8880, 5536 2100