Why Students & Nurses LOVE @ReviewNursing ?


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Why Students & Nurses LOVE @ReviewNursing ?

  1. 1. Why Students & Nurses LOVE @ReviewNursing… ! • Great! RT @ramosjennica92: Today was my last day of Nursing School next step #nclex thank you @ReviewNursing you seriously helped me on my exit exam today!! • RT "@MileyMoreno: Who says the internet makes you dumb? I am learning a lot..thanks to @ReviewNursing "//Great!Good to know you're learning here! • RT "@marisamooree: @ReviewNursing The best review I've had all summer !"// That's fantastic-Thanks! Tweets are high pointers on NCLEX ! • RT "@shivasyif: @ReviewNursing thanks..I love all of it!:D//Wondeful! Our pleasure! Hope to provide valuable content for you :)! • RT "@chewearingche: Keep CALM and FOLLOW @ReviewNursing :)"//Thank you for your very kind support. Appreciate very much the mention&RETWEETs :)! • RT "@lewismal RT @calebferg: Nursing students follow @ReviewNursing the best..for revision&ongoing educatn #hcsmanz #hcsm "//THNX!! • RT "@a_noel716: Shoutout to @ReviewNursing ..I just took NCLEX Thankful i spent so much time on twitter this summer!"//Great! Thnx ! • RT "@heylotz: while reading their tweets i'll RT it :))hehe my online reviewer @ReviewNursing #thanksALot :)))"//Thanks! Our pleasure. Enjoy :) ! • RT "@calebferg: Nursing students: follow @ReviewNursing ..for revision & ongoing education #hcsmanz #hcsm "//Thank You! ! • RT “@ajreel @blreel make sure you are following @ReviewNursing now that you are a nursing student too”//Wonderful!Thank you for your kind support. ! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  2. 2. • RT @anggeline: Keep it up! I love everything you posts. It's a great help to those who are reviewing. :)//Fantastic! Our pleasure :)! • RT @kojdomingo: Your ..helping me.So many interesting important informations to remember. Keep it up! :)//Great! ThankU!! • RT @InspiredbyMEsh: Everyone studying for NCLEX make sure you follow @ReviewNursing They have really good info for on the go studying//Thanks! ! • RT @LisaOkie11: While I study for NCLEX @ReviewNursing may be my most favorite person I follow on twitter. THANK YOU!//Our pleasure - Thanks!! • RT “@B_Yakky: WIll b recommending.. @ReviewNursing.Great easy 2 understand info bits that incorp psych & physical care #RN #RPN”//Thank you! :)! • RT @Jeanne_Pearl: @ReviewNursing ..sooo informative and extremely helpful since I'm a newly qualified nurse.Thanks!//Our pleasure! • RT @Nurse_SHYIA: Give great info s/o.@ReviewNursing for helping me pass NCLEX!//Congratulations! YOU did it! Very happy for&proud of YOU :) ! • RT @justgracephiri: @ReviewNursing you are the best..! Keep up the good work!// Grateful for your kind encouragement. YOU are awesome!! • Great! Very good to know - thanks! RT @misslittler: @ReviewNursing has honestly helped me study!!!! • Thank you!Glad it helps :) RT @iluvkateupton: @ReviewNursing I love this page. It keeps me reminded all day long of what I need to remember!! • RT "@Lex_Mara: following @ReviewNursing is prob the smartest thing i've done on twitter"//Good to know you find valuable content to help you :)! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  3. 3. • RT "@MyViktoryIGNANT: OMG I LOVE @ReviewNursing IT'S ON POINT!! I AM TAKING MY BOARDS IN A FEW WEEKS AND THESE REVIEWS ARE AWESOME"//Thank YOU!! • RT "@MissKudora: Every nursing student should follow @ReviewNursing they post facts that you'll see on NCLEX."//They are NCLEX HIGH pointers :) ! • RT "@charczech: If you're in nursing definitely follow @ReviewNursing Very helpful tweets,if you're not in nursing, good facts every1...!"//THANKS! • RT "@hellokittytnt88: @ReviewNursing. Love it you are always on point just had a test on this !!!!"//Tweets are high impact nursing concepts :)! • RT "@ssiahprudent: every chance I get when I'm not home I read @ReviewNursing"//Sounds very SMART to tune in to the right channel :)! • RT "@CallMeBeybiEarl: Thanks! I'm proud to be a NURSE!"//That is awesome! Serving others give beautiful meaning to life.! • RT @SPattRN2B: If you are nursing student, RN or just medical info nut you need to be following @ReviewNursing :)! • Good job! RT @nycnursevikki: just found out my 3 nursing students I just finished tutoring passed their NCLEX after a long shift,nice news! • RT @worldvisioncan: "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." - Anon. pic.twitter.com/nb87B7Cl! • Good to know, thanks! Glad it helps RT @iLOVEh3llokitty: Almost 100 % of my favorites are from @ReviewNursing :)) Such a great help Thanks. ! • Fantastic - Congratulations! RT @Jessi_Messi7: @ReviewNursing thank you so much for your helpful tweets! You helped me to pass the NCLEX :)! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  4. 4. • RT "@BLUJAYTin: Reading @ReviewNursing 's tweets makes me more intellectual in this chosen field.Thanks! :) "//Our pleasure :)! • Thanks! Glad that you enjoy it :) RT "@DeeBz314: 95% of my favorites are from @ReviewNursing ...."! • TY :) "@elandis91: I'm pretty sure I only get on twitter to look at @ReviewNursing tweets half the time so I can brush up before I test ! 👍 "! • RT "@seelions: #ff if you're interested in passing the NCLEX @ReviewNursing"// Thank you! :) Tweets are key concepts & high pointers on NCLEX! • RT @pagefANNEatic: @ReviewNursing Always welcome.... Best nursing review tips...//Good to know-Thanks!! • RT @Alain_fab: My License just came in! Feels good! @ReviewNursing// Fantastic! You've done great! Wish you all the best today onwards!! • RT @tchain417: I passed my nclex pn!!! @ReviewNursing thank you for all the study tips!!//Great work-Congratulations! W/ absolute pleasure:)! • RT @pagefANNEatic: @ReviewNursing Your welcome.. it was an awsome page. Its a Big help.THANK YOU.//Awesome!Thanks!Tweets are key n.concepts!! • RT @jkjackson1248: Thank You @ReviewNursing .. Best nursing review tweets I've seen #Ever// Absolutely, thanks for your support! • RT "@jade_kistle: @ReviewNursing i love your page,helpful nuggets of information for a student nurse #thanks"//Fantastic!Good to know it helps!! • RT @tchain417: @ReviewNursing I took my nclex pn today! 85 qs! Thx for all the tips..//Great work! Congrats& All the Best!! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  5. 5. • RT @triciaswit: Following @ReviewNursing is highly RECOMMENDED. Keep up the good twits it makes my day!//Absolutely, thanks! Stay Awesome :) ! • RT @Steph_Millls: @ReviewNursing What a great account.I will be referring to this for review.Thanks again:)//Great!Enjoy :)! • Thanks for your support! RT @DaBa_DaBa524: For all my Nursing student followers, follow @ReviewNursing for awesome..NCLEX REVIEW!!! • RT @smashhleynicole: love @ReviewNursing 's tips. keeps me on my A game//Thank you! Glad to do our job :) AND love your wonderful support!! • Thank you RT @hotmessjess18 Just found the most amazing.. @ReviewNursing! • RT @JohnFrial: @ReviewNursing thank you for refreshing my mind in nursing field..// Always a pleasure :) ! • RT @RaekaYomaris @JanineGramatica: Studying with @ReviewNursing :))//Very happy you have joined us. Happy studying :)! • RT @aubyone Thanks too! I love ur tweets :) very helpful//Good to know.Thank you for awesome support. Yes, tweets are high pointers on NCLEX! • RT @0_Jesca_0 hi,it’s a pleasure to follow "review nursing'. i’m a nurse and it’s a great help recalling facts about nursing.//Great! Thank you! • RT @KhuloodAlkatta: @ReviewNursing Thanks for the follow-Luv ur tweets! They make excellent review questions!//Always our pleasure - ThankU!! • RT @stewie64: @ReviewNursing: pernicious anemia questions were on two of my tests this week: nutrition and A&P.//ALSO high pointer on NCLEX! • RT @LeahxPearl: @ReviewNursing this is so relevant to my lectures this week...// Thanks, we're happy to provide relevant nursing concepts ! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  6. 6. • RT @jubilant_ray: “@ReviewNursing: ... ” <--- helping me for finals!//That's great! Tweets are relevant nursing concepts. Enjoy :)! • RT @SenecaLC: @ReviewNursing is a great resource for all Nursing students.Have you checked them out? #senecalife #senecacollege #senecalearn! • RT "@lb_harris21: I love @ReviewNursing!!always posting the best information!"//Many thanks for your wonderful support! Appreciate very much :)! • Our pleasure-Thanks! RT "@bakkesr: It's time to say thanks to.. @ReviewNursing! • RT "@ThunderNurse58: @ReviewNursing @EducateNurses thanks for showing some love to us circulators and scrub nurses!"//Appreciate all you do!! • RT "@tinsilog: @ReviewNursing thanks. one of the best nursing twitter pages i've visited. :)"//Our pleasure as always. Thank you! :) ! • RT "@ImKadyija: I love @ReviewNursing!"//Great appreciation & Love to YOU as well. Stay AWESOME :) ! • RT @YesImBrandNu: @ReviewNursing is going to have me addicted to twitter again! lol A lot of good info!//Awesome,thanks!Love 4U2 stay tuned in :)! • RT @ellaguilar01: @ReviewNursing Thanks for following back:) your tweets are really helpful...//Tweets are high pointers on NCLEX. Enjoy :)! • RT @haley_eff: @ReviewNursing rocks!//Well THANK YOU! You are AWESOME :)! • RT @ssepph: @ReviewNursing your tweets are very helpful.//Good to know - thanks! Glad to provide helpful content for our follower friends :)! • RT @NatalieGarmon: @ReviewNursing is such a good twitter account to follow! #bestreviewquestions//Thx! Glad to provide helpful content for U ! ! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  7. 7. • RT @FateDecided: When I pass my NCLEX in the summer, I will give 1/2 the credit to @ReviewNursing ..//Lol :) thankU! Keep up YOUR good work!! • RT @Bri_ana3422: If you're in nursing school or if you are a nurse, follow @ReviewNursing !!!!//ThankU for your support. You are AWESOME. ! • @lovelyNicole87 with pleasure :) - glad to see you join us. Keep up the good work and wish you great success on NCLEX.! • RT @deLayned: @ReviewNursing I love you. And your informative tweets//Thank You!!! Stay tuned in for even more helpful tweets :)! • RT @yayadew: why i never seen this page b4?? @ReviewNursing..awesome knowledge..//Welcome! Glad to have you join us :) ! • RT @fANCyFACEx: @ReviewNursing passed my NCLEX thanks for all ur awesome tweets! It helped!//Congratulations! W/pleasure! Very happy for YOU!! • RT @Areej_AS: @ReviewNursing ‫املتابعة‬ ‫يستحق‬ ‫التمريضية‬ ‫باملعلومات‬ ‫ملي‬ ‫رائع‬ ‫وبجدارة‬ #FF best account 4 nursing in twitter//Great! ThankU! • RT @samchongvillena: @ReviewNursing really great. Fun to read:)//Awesome!Glad you enjoy.Tweets are key nursing concepts &NCLEX high pointers! • RT @lindsaycoulter: @ReviewNursing may be the most significant use of a twitter I've ever seen. #nerdtweet//ThankU! Appreciate your support! • RT @darlenemorcilla: Thank you@ReviewNursing You've been a part of my journey.I made it I'm a Registered Nurse!Thank you:)//Great! Congrats!! • RT @har_lotte: heeey @ReviewNursing. i passed! thanks for the help!// Congratulations! Very happy for you. :) Keep up the good work!! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  8. 8. • RT @lesterlintao: Thank you so mych @ReviewNursing.You are refreshing my knowledge//Our pleasure.Appreciate your contribution&support.ThankU! • RT @dysJane: @ReviewNursing you seem to always be on point..relating to my upcoming exam this Friday! #thankGod for the quick review!!//Thnx! • RT @_LoveableAsh_: Studying for this NCLEX has been tough but having twitter an a follower that helps with some TIPS is great!//Our pleasure! • RT @maudymelissa: I wish I knew this account since my 1st study in nursing » @ReviewNursing ..//Welcome!! • RT @RejeanCrone: @ReviewNursing Passed NCLEX yesterday!!Thanks for the daily tweets, they helped!!//Excellent! Congratulations!! • RT @MiSzLexB: When I need some nursing review I can always count on @ReviewNursing !!! You're such a HELP!//Glad to help. It's wonderful! :) ! • RT @Adrienne629: Loving @ReviewNursing tweets.Studying for the NCLEX while on twitter…#nursingschool. Bring it on//Awesome! Thanks & enjoy!! • RT @tonifink: my new hobby this summer will be reading every page of @ReviewNursing the NCLEX exam review #study #stayaheadofthegame//Brilliant!! • RT @amreeetsingh: @ReviewNursing YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST//YOU are the reason we so love what we do. Thank you very much for your encouragement! • RT @clinteasom: @ReviewNursing I just found out I passed NCLEX today.I read your tweets everyday and they helped so much#thankful//SoHappy4U! • RT @CourtneyPost3: Passed my #NLCEX today Thanks @ReviewNursing for some awesome tweets to review last minute...//Big congrats to YOU!!!! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  9. 9. • @MaddisonInglis please see how-to FAQs resources for internationally educated nurse bit.ly/WbYiYR & further info bit.ly/VNm1RH! • @rawknchic85 with absolute pleasure. Happy studying and wish you great success on exam day!! • RT @EmilySpeaksALot: I wish I had @ReviewNursing before I took my NCLEX! #stillpassed :)Good luck y'all!//Wonderful, thanks for joining us!! • RT @michelle88w: i can already tell that the @ReviewNursing ...is going to help me pass NCLEX #winning//Would love to help you pass! ! • RT @Hallie_Marie: Any nursing students should follow @ReviewNursing for some good review//Thanks for your kind support. Enjoy! :)! • RT @xedimaano: @ReviewNursing you’ve been helping a lot so i’m calling all RNs to contribute for our future nurses! God bless//Wonderful of you!! • RT @FlawlessBrown: I get happy when I know stuff from the NCLEX Review @ReviewNursing #BabyNurse//That is awesome! Stay on course & enjoy :) ! • RT @VeeMS1: @ReviewNursing I am literally studying this topic for my boards as we speak!!!//Keep up the good work and enjoy studying :)! • RT @kaylaomara: @ReviewNursing taking my first exam of my maternal nursing class, found so many of your tweets relevant...//All the best :)! • @Bluerave good to know...will continue to post key/relevant concept to help you in your journey through the nursing program. Stay well :)! • @MiMiLeveille w/ great pleasure, glad to provide helpful tweets for you as well. Stay awesome and enjoy :)! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  10. 10. • RT @rjrosalinas: I love @ReviewNursing tweets. Every tweet refreshes my mind about Nursing topics...//Great! ThankU for very kind support :)! • RT @xxredheadxx07: @ReviewNursing 2013: the year I graduate nursing school & take the NCLEX.Thanks for all your helpful reminders//Our pleasure! • RT @ModelAmani: @ReviewNursing passed the Nclex! Thanks for the info!//Well done! Congratulations! Very happy for your success :)! • @Justinbalmeo having maximized your studies at this point,it's good idea to go over lab values & types of isolation precautions.BEST to YOU!! • @Justinbalmeo Good luck! Surely, you will do your very BEST! :)! • RT @tylerrkirk: Seriously @ReviewNursing you have the best tweets ever! Thanks for all the reminders...//Wonderful! It's our great pleasure!! • RT @ehurley23: Yeyyyyy!! I passed my NCLEX! @ReviewNursing Thanks for all your help...//GREAT! Congratulations & Welcome to Nursing! ! • RT @rawknchic85: @ReviewNursing I'm officially an LPN :) thank you for all the pointers!!!!//So happy for you! Congratulations!!!!! • RT @MarieWeemarie36: @ReviewNursing I love your feed.Wish I had something like this when I was a student #toolongagotoadmit//lol :) Thanks! ! • RT @ModelAmani: @ReviewNursing take the nclex PN next week paying real close attention to you're information!//Good for you! All the Best :)! • RT @Piper1992: @ReviewNursing passed my NCLEX today!! Thanks for the quick study info!//BIG Congrats! Celebrate & keep up your good work!! • RT @Alvaro27_MD: @ReviewNursing thanks for all the random tweets to study. Really helped me pass my boards//Great! Congratulations!!! ! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  11. 11. • RT @10cSugarMag: @ReviewNursing Your tweets are extremely helpful esp. when books become too monotonous.Nice to scroll through.#Thanks//ThankU ! • RT @Ang_R_Stevens: @erinvanharmelen follow @ReviewNursing for super great nursing info :))//You are awesome! Thanks for your kind support :)! • RT @XpResSoPaNdA: @ReviewNursing I passed NCLEX!!! Thanks for your "on-the- go" help!!!//Outstanding! Congratulations!!!! • RT @ruthiepm: @ReviewNursing I always favourite your tweets! I'm uk based but learn so much from you!//With absolute pleasure.ThankU.Enjoy:)! • RT @rockthebullet: I am obsessed reading @ReviewNursing tweets omg it's too good//Awesome! Thanks very much for you kind support. Enjoy :)! • RT @Aihpos_227: @ReviewNursing your tweets are informative and helpful!! Thanks so much//Our pleasure! Happy to provide useful info.Thanks!! • RT @ReyRey712: @ReviewNursing I am seriously in love with ur Twitter page!!!!!!!! So informative!//Thank you! Appreciate very much! Enjoy :)! • TY RT @kirsten_p10: Attention student nurses..follow @ReviewNursing for great tips.! • RT @medschoolcouple @VixonNurse @RachelHB_: @ReviewNursing Your tweets are so helpful!Love reading them//Thanks! • RT @lolokamal93: Nursing students follow @ReviewNursing for ur own career read and take notes this is really good..//Great!Thank you. Enjoy!! • RT @nattigan: RN students, follow @ReviewNursing for NCLEX ?s and answers #NursingSchool//Thanks very much for your kind support!! • RT @mariahraesmith: @ReviewNursing is a good, QUICK, and simple resource for #NCLEXprep //Awesome! Happy to provide valuable content for you! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  12. 12. • RT @DevineLocke: @ReviewNursing You have THE GREATEST Twitter account going!!! How wonderful,thoughtful, helpful and amazing...//Thank You! ! • RT @leahmlucas: Just followed @ReviewNursing. I can study for NCLEX as I'm on twitter #genius my kind of studying!//Great! Enjoy :)! • Happy Nurse's Week! Thank You For The Many Ways You Inspire, Educate and Encourage...-> bit.ly/10fmTBM! • RT @bonbon2489: @ReviewNursing thank you so much...I get notifications sent to my iPhone each time you post,you are so helpful//Great!Enjoy!! • @nursehorn Relax.Sleep well.Body/brain needs rest.Eat right.Stay calm.Focus.StayConfident DoHighPowerPoses :-> bit.ly/PwrPose ! • RT @nurse_ozzie: @ReviewNursing love your information... RT @BSNbabe: LOVE your tweets....//Great! Stay tuned in for more valuable stuff :)! • RT @2radiantkthomas: @ReviewNursing your tweets are so helpful!! Thank you!!// Our pleasure..happy to provide helpful post for you. Enjoy :)! • RT @imlilaaylalaii: @ReviewNursing you're the best twitter account.//Thank you! Appreciate your wonderful support. Stay awesome!! • @statuesquemeg sounds like you're in the flow of NCLEX practice Qs. Keep at it & focus;evaluate your progress;then work on your weak points! • @amandasweetsxx your own learning style determines the best prep material for NCLEX. Check out several ones then choose best one YOU like.! • RT @charmorlina: @ReviewNursing thanks for those info. Recently passed NCLEX NY state. More power. To God be the glory//Congrats!! • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.
  13. 13. • RT @maymajek: All my nursing school friends should follow @ReviewNursing! @faceisback @brithartley @malori15 @SeanisaBANDIT//TY & Happy #ff! • RT @TessaSchiltz: So glad I can review important NCLEX questions...on twitter @ReviewNursing//Enjoy & keep up the good work!! • RT @VeeMS1: @ReviewNursing I passed my boards on the first try with 85 questions! Thank you for the tips!!//Outstanding! Congratulations!!! • The LOVE GOES ON…we’ve helped over 125,000 students in 47+ countries to get their license since 2001, we’d be honored to help YOU too! This Is YOUR Time… • No Time Wasted. A Guide to ‘HIGH POINTERS’ in Nursing School & NCLEX.