Spam Hammer 3 - WP Plugin To End Spam


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Spam Hammer 3-Series is a well-known high-value anti-spam cloud plugin, now available for WordPress blogs!

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Spam Hammer 3 - WP Plugin To End Spam

  1. 1. Spam Hammer 3-Series
  2. 2. Announcing: Spammers SUCK! You’re Losing Time And Thousands Of Dollars a Year Trashing Them
  3. 3. You’re Losing $1,000+ a Year Assuming your hourly wage is $14 per hour: 30 minutes of deleting spam once a day costs you $7.00 every day. doing that 3 days in the week (1 hour 30 min) costs you $21.00 every week. doing that 52 weeks in the year (78 hours) costs you $1092.00 every year.
  4. 4. You’re Facing An Epidemic •From 2009 to 2012, spam is up by 600%. •Spam accounts for 90% of your message submissions. •An average of 60 million spam messages are sent daily.
  5. 5. Spammers Are Like Mice
  6. 6. I am sure you are familiar with the concept of a mouse trap. You get a trap, place the bait, and set the trap. Mouse sees bait, mouse walks into trap, mouse gets caught. Its a very simple concept. What you might not know is that its very easy to apply the same concept to catch spambots. Nobody thinks about it this way because spambots are seen as unstoppable, adaptive artificial intelligence machines. Some cant wrap their heads around how spambots verify email addresses, solve captchas, and bypass other anti- spam mechanisms — almost like they were human. In reality, this is not how spambots are.
  7. 7. Spambots Are Stupid
  8. 8. Truth is, spambots arent very intelligent at all. Most mice are more intelligent the average spambot. Spambots are simply programs. Programs by themselves cant analyze or adapt to changes — they simply do what the programmer has told them to do. Someone human has to program these spambots, and there are practical limits on what spambots can be made to do. If the programmer doesnt know something about an anti-spam mechanism then the program is powerless to skip around it. Many are amazed to learn that spambot browsers cant do most things a humans browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer can. If we simply test the browsers capabilities in the background, we can easily separate robots from humans. This test is our mouse trap. Since spambot browsers dont do some things a human one can, then its easy to separate humans from robots. In combination with the three previous techniques (country blocking, timer, and global block lists), this the final nail in the coffin for spam. These solutions are collectively called WP Spam Hammer.
  9. 9. What If..? You might be wondering what happens if someone tries to reverse engineer spam hammer. Most anti-spam plugins suffer from this weakness. Spammers just take a copy of the anti-spam plugin, take it apart, and program their bots to evade it. Spam Hammer — the plugin youre using — is immune to this. It runs on my remote software service and all of the spam prevention code is on another server, safe from reverse-engineering by spammers. The bandwidth usage, storage space, and processing power for these anti- spam solutions are all provided by my servers. Now that the mousetrap is ready, you can upgrade the plugin again — go to “Spam Hammer” under “Dashboard” > “Settings”, tick the upgrade box, and save.
  10. 10. The web is a scary place. If you haven’t been reading the news, two of the world’s most popular WordPress Plugins, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache were revealed to have a MASSIVE security hole — and these two plugins alone affect up to 7.3 million blogs. What’s scarier is that up to 90% of those blogs don’t even know they are infected or vulnerable. More recently, there have been several exploits of the trust users have for plugins, and infections are taking place on a MASSIVE scale. You certainly don’t want your blog’s server to be one of those hijacked to send email spam and infect visitors’ PC’s. I’ve put together a package of installable security essentials for WordPress — to protect your blog and readers. Normally a value of $37, with Spam Hammer, this is yours for free.
  11. 11. A Lasting Solution As we address the past, present, and future — not just one or two of those — protection from spam is explosively better. We take care of the present with country blocking, a timer, and the mouse trap. With priority global block lists in use by the webs giants, we take care of past spammers. With constant never-ending improvement without immediate interference from reverse engineers, we have an eye to the future. If you use something that must work around the clock, someone needs to be there when something goes wrong. With free plugins, its at the developers discretion to provide support when and to who they want, if support is given at all. Developers of such free plugins typically abandon them after a while, as its a time and resource drain for them. In such cases, at the end of the day, everybody loses. Providing support takes away time and energy that is otherwise spent innovating plugins. If youre not satisfied with a free plugin, its not as if you can return it. As such, Spam Hammer is a premium/non-free plugin. Id rather stick to what I do best while my support team — which grows with more support from bloggers like you — handles that.
  12. 12. Click The Link Below For More Info!