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Getting Started With OldNews USA


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How to find your ancestors in historic US newspapers using the OldNews USA app for Android.

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Getting Started With OldNews USA

  1. 1. Getting Started With OldNews USA How to find your ancestors in historic US newspapers using the OldNews USA app for Android Bill Nelson Revgenea Software LLC
  2. 2. What Is It? OldNews USA is a free Android app for performing research in historic newspapers Uses the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America collection of digitized newspapers Has over 10,800,000 newspaper pages from 1836 to 1922
  3. 3. For Genealogists Old newspaper stories can make your family history research come alive with details that can't be found elsewhere If your family tree consists of little more than names and dates, you need to try searching old newspapers Discover family stories and details that have been lost to history!
  4. 4. For History Buffs Read contemporary accounts of major historical events, including Civil War battles Lincoln’s assassination San Francisco earthquake Chicago Cubs win the world series The Titanic sinks World War I Prohibition Presidential elections
  5. 5. Genealogy Case Study Decide what you want to find OldNews USA can be used to research a specific person, or a historical event/topic This case study shows how to research a specific person, namely my great grandfather: Who: Joseph Nelson When: 1880 - 1920 Where: Stratford, New Hampshire
  6. 6. Overview of Steps Create a Goal to define your research objective Who/What,When, and Where Check out the Research Suggestions! Search and View Search Results Display Page and Review Search Term Matches Save and Share Your Discoveries Refine Search and Keep Looking
  7. 7. How To Start Get the free OldNews USA app from the Google Play Store Create a Goal to get started
  8. 8. Create a Goal Create Goal Initial Screen Enter goal name, description, and date range, then select a locality Google Place Picker dialog is displayed
  9. 9. Pick a Place Google Place Picker Initial Screen Search for a place by name, then select it Map zooms to the place, then touch the location to select
  10. 10. Save Your Goal Selected Place Save your new Goal Main View with new Current Goal card
  11. 11. Research Suggestions Once you create a Goal, OldNews USA creates a few new cards containing research suggestions Newspaper Suggestions The newspapers closest to your Goal’s location with issues published within the year range Search Suggestions Pre-defined searches using the words from the Goal name
  12. 12. Research Suggestions Suggested list of 10 newspaper titles most likely to contain articles about your goal Suggested list of pre-built searches based on your goal data Most Specific Less Specific
  13. 13. Search By Newspaper Select a suggested search Search by Newspaper screen with all data already entered! Touch the Search button to send the search to the Chronicling America site
  14. 14. Search Results Select first newspaper page that matched the search Newspaper page - tap page to review search term matches Tap Page automatically zooms to highlighted search term matches
  15. 15. More Search Results Select next newspaper page that matched the search Newspaper page - tap page to review search term matches Tap Page automatically zooms to highlighted search term matches
  16. 16. Page Controls Save clipping of current page display Save complete page as a PDF file Toggle highlighting of search terms Get higher quality page image Touch tab or swipe page left to display next page Touch tab or swipe page right to display previous page Tap anywhere in page to zoom and review search term matches Pinch to zoom in or out, drag finger to position page image
  17. 17. Save Clipping Disable highlights, then touch the Clipping icon to save Save Clipping dialog Save and share to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, or any app you choose
  18. 18. Newspaper Clipping Complete source citation, automatically generated and embedded in the clipping image
  19. 19. Recap In just a few minutes, and using only the first automated search suggestion, I found 2 articles that mention my great grandfather I didn’t need to learn how to search on the Chronicling America website I didn’t spend hours figuring out which newspaper titles to search I didn’t even need to enter any search terms Of course there is much more searching to do, but I’m off to a good start
  20. 20. Keep Looking The search is just beginning Next time, we will discuss more search options Search By State Advanced search options Search tips and tricks Happy searching!
  21. 21. Get OldNews USA Copyright 2016 Revegenea Software LLC All Rights Reserved Researching in historic newspapers has never been easier!