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Selecting the Best EHR For Your Small Clinic


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"Selecting the Best EHR For Your Small Clinic by @RevenueXL"

Small clinics have it just as hard (if not harder) than larger clinics. They need to take certain steps to ensure they are picking the best EHR for their small clinic. RevenueXL's EMR was designed especially for small clinics!

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Selecting the Best EHR For Your Small Clinic

  1. 1. Making the move to computerized medical records is a necessity in today’s health care environment. You can review the basics and evaluate vendors to choose the best EHR software for your company.
  2. 2. Make sure you review the meaningful use objectives from the federal government for the following reasons: •  You receive money for EHR implementation. •  You are given a good template to evaluate the software.
  3. 3. 2. Figure out what you want the EHR to do for your small clinic. You should: •  Evaluate current daily activities •  Make an extensive list •  Talk to your partners and associates
  4. 4. Once you have your list, you can figure out the best EHR software for your company by: •  Developing a prioritized checklist beginning with meaningful use objectives •  Identifying any deal-breakers
  5. 5. •  Don’t fall prey to conflicting claims from various EHR software vendors. •  The HIMSS offers unbiased reviews, suggestions, and basic questions.
  6. 6. Select three or four of the best contenders and ask them the following questions: •  Is there a warranty on the product? •  What happens when the EHR is upgraded? •  Can it be customized, and if so, who performs the work? If any of these can’t be answered, eliminate them from your list.
  7. 7. Demonstrations of the EHR product are meant to show off the best features, but by doing the following, you can figure out how well the EHR works for your clinic: •  Take the extra time to ask specific questions •  Use your checklist •  Make sure your priorities can be met
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