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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Ministry

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Bachelor music


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Bachelor music

  1. 1. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Ministry PROGAM DESCRIPTION The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Ministry is designed to prepare leaders for the work of the music ministry. This program strives to enhance ministerial leadership in the areas of education, biblical knowledge, and music, for the service and stewardship of the music ministry leadership.The Associate of Fine Arts in Music Ministry program can be transferred into the graduate program. Program Courses Course Course Title Credits Code AFM101 Introduction to Music & Ministry 3 AFM102 Music in the Old Testament 3 AFM103 Instrumental Education I 3 AFM104 Introduction to Music 3 AFM105 History of Music 3 BFM201 Introduction to Orchestra 3 BFM202 Instrumental Education II 3 AFM107 Introduction to Choir 3 AFM108 Foundations of Classical Music 3 AFM106 Music Theory I 3 BFM203 Theory of Orchestration 3 BFM204 Choir I 3 BFM205 Instrumental Music I 3 BFM206 Choir II 3 BFM207 Music Theory II 3 BFM208 Instrumental Music II 3 BFM209 Hymnology 3 BFM210 Worship Ministry (Group) 3 BFM211 Christian Drama 3 BFM212 Prophetic Dance 3 Continued on next page. 44
  2. 2. Program Courses (Con't) Course Code Course Title Credits BFM213 Choir Directing 3 BFM214 Church Orchestra 3 BFM215 Special Topics in Christian Music 3 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Ministry BFM216 Introduction to the Art of Individual Worship 3 CLD101 Christian Leadership & Development 3 CLW201 Church Administration & Laws 3 COM101 Microcomputer Applications 3 ENC101 English Grammar and Composition 3 ETH101 Ministerial Ethics 3 FFC101 The Four Faces of Christ (The Gospel) 3 GRK201 Greek II 3 HBR201 Hebrew II 3 HOM101 Homelitics II 3 HRM101 Hermeneutics II 3 SCI101 Basic Science & Creation 3 SPG201 Spiritual Maturity & Gifts (Grace & Sovereignty) 3 SPK101 Public Speaking 3 PRC200 Practical Ministry 3 THR200 Thesis Research 3 THE200 Thesis 3 Total Credit Hours 120 45