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Confirmation communion


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Published in: Spiritual
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Confirmation communion

  1. 1. The Sacrament of Holy Communion
  2. 2. “The LORD’s Supper” This Sacrament is called “The Lord’s Supper” because Jesus gave it to His disciples at His last Passover with them He was the Host at this meal It’s also called “The Last Supper”
  3. 3. “Eucharist” = “Thanksgiving” The Lord’s Supper is also called “The Eucharist” “Eucharist” is a Greek word that means “Thanksgiving” Jesus took the bread, and “after He had given thanks, He blessed it and gave it” When we have Communion, we give thanks for the Sacrament
  4. 4. •The command by Jesus •The promise of forgiveness • The visible, physical means
  5. 5. The night He was betrayed . . . During this meal Judas left to go to the priests and Pharisees and betray Jesus. By the next evening Jesus would be dead and buried.
  6. 6. The Sacrament of Forgiveness Jesus promised the forgiveness of sins to everyone who believes and eats the Lord’s Supper The forgiveness is not in the bread and wine alone, but in the words of Jesus Forgiveness is offered to everyone who eats and drinks the bread and wine People who eat and drink but don’t believe don’t receive the promised forgiveness
  7. 7. Christ’s righteousness for our sins Jesus takes our sins onto Himself on the cross In exchange, He gives us His righteousness This exchange takes place in The Lord’s Supper
  8. 8. Bread and wine Jesus probably used something like pita bread, and wine, at the Last Supper. Churches use different kinds of bread and different kinds of wine. No one kind is right or wrong. Lutheran churches almost always use wine for Communion, but some also offer grape juice without alcohol
  9. 9. Bread and wine At Christ the King, the bread is in the form of individual round wafers. Sometimes the wine is given in individual cups; sometimes in one large (common) cup
  10. 10. Forms Some churches insist that grape juice must be used. Lutherans don’t. OK! OK!OK? ???
  11. 11. Communion and Community Saint Paul taught us that the Lord’s Supper is not only about forgiveness for each person He taught us that it also makes all believers into one Community that we can call the Body of Christ
  12. 12. Communion and Fellowship “Fellowship” means more than friendship. It means having forgiveness together. It means being part of the Body of Christ together. It means living the Christian life together. It means encouraging one another. Communion together is the most visible sign of our Fellowship in Jesus.