Oracle 10g DBA online training from hyderabad


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Revanth Online Training provides Oracle 10g DBA online training by real time Experts from Hyderabad, India. Call 9290971883 for online training demo timings and classes. Online Oracle 10g DBA training institute in India, online Oracle 10g DBA training institute in Hyderabad, Oracle 10g DBA online trainer in India

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Oracle 10g DBA online training from hyderabad

  1. 1. Revanth Online TrainingB1, 3rdFloor, Eureka Court, Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, HyderabadPh No: 040-64559566, 9247461324www.revanthonlinetraining.comRevanth Online Training provides the best specialized Computer Training & Softwaretraining for various Computer IT courses. We are providing online software trainingbased on specific needs of the students especially we give innovative one to onetraining in all the software’s which are having great opportunities in the presenttrend.Oracle 10g DBA Online Training Course Duration - 60hrs1. Introduction.• Identify the oracle product• Describe the basic concept of a relational database2. Installing oracle database 10g software.• System requirements.• Redhat Linux Installation• Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer on Linux Platform3. Create an oracle database.• Oracle Database Architecture• Oracle instance architecture• Oracle Read Consistency and Concurrency4. Controlling the database.• Start and stop the agent• Start and stop the enterprise manager database console• Start and stop the listener• Startup and shutdown the database5. Database Creation.• Manual• Database Configuration Assistant(DBCA)6. Storage Structures.• Defining the table spaces and data files• Create table spaces• Manage table spaces
  2. 2. • Obtain table space information7. File Management.• Control File Management• Redo Log File Management• Parameter File Management• Obtain table space information8. Administering users.• Create and manage database user accounts• Create and manage roles• Grant and revoke privileges• Control resource usage by using Profiles9. Oracle Net Services.• Understand Oracle Net concepts• Use Oracle Net Manager to create and configure listeners• Use the listener control utility to control the Oracle Net Listener• Use the Oracle Net Manager to configure client and middle-tier connection• Use TNSPING to test Oracle Net connectivity10. Managing schema objects.• Create and modify tables• Define constraints• View the attributes of a table• View the contents of a table• Create indexes and views11. Oracle Backup & Recovery (User Managed).• Introduction• Design, Testing, Implementation Strategies• Offline(cold)/Online(hot) backups• Performing Complete Recovery• Performing Incomplete Recovery12. Oracle Backup & Recovery (System Managed: RMAN).• Introduction• RMAN Architecture• Configuration• Setting up Catalog• Online/Offline Backup using RMAN• Backups Options• Incremental Backups,• Scripts,• Complete Recovery• Incomplete Recovery
  3. 3. • Table Space Point in Time Recovery (TSPITR)• Disaster Recovery• Recovery of Corrupted DB-Blocks13. Cloning.• RMAN• Manual14. Logical Backup & Restore.• Introduction Data pump (expdp, impdp) Utilities• Exporting/Importing Tables• Exporting/Importing Schemas• Exporting/Importing Table space• Exporting/Importing Database• Transportable Table space within & across the database and platforms15. High Availability (HA).• Database Patch Management Introduction• Applying Interim and Patch set Patches• Patch History & Documentation16. Log Miner.• Contents• Reading / Extracting the Content of Redo Logs (Online/archived) for recovery orauditing purpose17. Flashback.• Introduction• Configuration• Flashback Query/Table/Drop/Database• Flashback Version Query• Creating Restore Points18. Automatic Storage Management.• Introduction Data pump (expdp, impdp) Utilities• Exporting/Importing Tables• Exporting/Importing Schemas• Exporting/Importing Table space• Exporting/Importing Database• Transportable Table space within & across the database and platforms19. Data Guard.• Introduction• Architecture• Configuring Standby database• Performing Switch Over and Fail Over
  4. 4. • Monitoring & Troubleshooting20. Oracle Performance Tuning.• Introduction• Proactive Vs Reactive Tuning• Tuning through effective DB Configurations• Health Management/Periodical Checkup• DB Defragmentation• Configuring and using Oracle Parallel Processing Feature• Tuning Memory, Disk I/O• Resource Intensive SQL• Managing the DB Statistics ( for CBO)• Managing the AWR Snapshots• Generating/ Interpreting the AWR Report21. Oracle Grid Control.• Introduction• Architecture• Installation & Configuration• Managing the multiple database nodes using OEM grid controlFor more details please click on this site: