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Informatica online training from hyderabad


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Revanth Online Training provides Informatica online training by real time Experts from Hyderabad, India. Call 9290971883 for online training demo timings and classes. Online informatica training institute in India,online informatica training institute in Hyderabad,informatica online trainer in India

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Informatica online training from hyderabad

  1. 1. Revanth Online Training B1, 3rd Floor, Eureka Court, Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Ph No: 040-64559566, 9247461324 www.revanthonlinetraining.comInformatica is amongst the top leading software companies operating in the market. TheInformatica is known to be the most trusted and widely popular brand for data integrationtools, offering varied range of products to the customers. The famous products it offers tothe customers are the Power Center and the Ultra messaging software. In order tounderstand the functioning of the varied software, Informatica Company incorporatedvarious training classes as well for the public to understand the benefits and advantagesof the software.Revanth Online Training provides the best informatica trainingInformatica 9 Online TrainingCourse Duration - 30hrsIntroduction to Data warehousing • What is Data warehousing? • Who needs Data warehouse? • Why Data warehouse is required? • Types of Systems(i) OLTP(ii) DSS • Maintenance of Data warehouse • Data warehousing Life Cycle • Data warehousing Testing Life CycleData warehousing Architecture • Source • Integration Layer • Staging Area • Targets • Analysis & Reporting • ODSData Modeling • Introduction
  2. 2. • Different phases of ModelingMulti Dimensional Modeling • What is a Dimension? • What are Facts? • Multi Dimensional Model • Hierarchies • OLAP • MOLAP • ROLAP • HOLAP • Cubes and its Functions • Star Schema • Fact Table • Dimensional Tables • Snow flake Schema • Factless Fact Table • Confirmed DimensionsInformatica 8.6Introduction to Informatica • Overview • Basic Definitions • Informatica Products • Informatica Architecture • Tools and their roles • Folders - Sub FoldersInformatica Designer - Introduction • Introduction to designer • Designer interfaces • Designer tools • Defining Sources(i) Database as a source(ii) Flat Files sources • Defining Targets(i) Importing from database(ii) Creating a new target(iii) Creating target database objectsInformatica Designer • Mapping Introduction
  3. 3. • Source Qualifier • Ports • Mapping - Table to Table • Mapping flat file to Table • Connected / Unconnected Transformations • Active and Passive Transformations • Source Qualifier Transformation • SQL override in Source Qualifier Transformation • Mapping Source Qualifier as Filter • Source Qualifier to join data • Filter Transformation • Expression Transformation • Sequence Generator Transformation • Rank Transformation • Router Transformation • Aggregator Transformation • Joiner Transformation • Stored Procedure Transformation • Connected and unconnected Transformation • Union Transformation • XML Transformation • Mapping Wizards • Implementing Type-I, Type-II and Type-III mappingsInformatica Workflow Manager • Workflow Introduction • Tasks • Workflow Tools • Connections • Defining Tasks o Command Task o Email Task o Session Task o Link Conditions (v) Event Wait & Event Raise • Setting properties of Session Task • Creating Workflow • Starting Workflow • Monitoring WorkflowInformatica Advanced Features • Incremental Aggregation • Mapping Analyst for Excel (MAE) • Push-down Optimization • Mapplet Implementation
  4. 4. • Target Load Plan • Constraint Based Loading • Mapping Parameters • Mapping Variables • Session Parameters • Link Conditions • Meta Data Backup & Restore • Copying Repository • Deleting Repository ContentsFor more details please click on this site: