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This presentation guides you through making the most of JOBtalk - an easier and faster way to your search for the dream job!

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  • I am looking a CSR job in a top company .
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    Senior level assignments in:
    Power Plants Operations Project Management Installation & Commissioning Operations & Maintenance

     A skilled professional with 34 years of enriched experience; presently working with Maihar Cement, Sarla Nagar, M.P as General Manager Thermal Power Plant
     Adroit in managing, directing, planning & coordinating plant operations, including maximizing plant profits & minimizing expenses.
     A strategic planner with expertise in planning, executing and spearheading coal based Power Plant construction projects involving Contract & Site Administration & Resource Planning.
     Proficient in monitoring thermal power plant performance, investigating & correcting abnormal conditions & directing operations and maintenance activities of the power plant.
     Ensured that aims, goals and objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities, time limitations, and funding conditions.
     Strong skills in project planning, monitoring progress, ensuring control & maintaining project requirements.
     Excellent communication, analytical & interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a dynamic environment.

    Since Sep’83 Maihar Cement, Sarla Nagar, M.P

    Growth Path
    Sep’83–Nov’88 Engineer (Power Plant)
    Dec’88–Jan’91 Industrial Engineer
    Jan’91–Dec’92 Design Engineer
    Jan’93 – Jan’95 Engineering Consultants
    Jan’95 –Jan’97 DCS &boiler management, Operation Manager
    Since Feb’97 Manager Thermal Power Plant (Power Generation Engineering)

    Domain Skills
     Handling operations at 5 MW, 15.7 MW & 15.7 MW capacities.
     Designing plant layout for the power plant department & performing building improvements.
     Developing boiler & turbine operation / maintenance improvement plan.
     Overseeing mechanical systems, power plant, making complete safety package for work & hydraulic double stack lift.
     Redesigning dairy open style conveyor, training 10 engineers on Automation.
     Incorporating EPA & OSHA regulations into safety procedures, creating
     Supervising power plant activities for the set up standards with accountability for strategic utilization & deployment of available resources to achieve organizational goals.
     Handling the installation, commissioning & operations of construction mechanical workshop.
     Handling the installation & commissioning of DM water plant, filtration & chlorination plants.
     Implementing systems & procedures to reduce rejection levels and ensure compliance with the industrial quality standards.
     Anchoring on-site erection & commissioning activities and ensuring completion of project within the time & cost parameters and effective resource utilisation to maximise the output.
     Monitoring the progress, controlling quality & cost control & undertaking the quantity survey.
     Supervising project activities and handling the complete project management cycle entailing requirement gathering and final execution of projects.

     Efficiently handled operations at the following:
    - 5 MW unit (Turbine and Boiler): supplied by Westing House (USA)
    - 15.7 MW unit: commissioned in March 1997. Turbine is supplied by of Shin Nippo Machinery co. Ltd. Japan and FBC (CFBC) Boiler
    - 15.7 MW unit: commissioned in January 2006.
     Effectively supervised over 500 college, maintained security accounts and budgets & interviewed, hired, field trained & conducted performance appraisals.
     Played a major role in making a 25 page monthly report.

    Oct’75 –Mar’78 with Orient Paper Mills District, Shahdol

    Ma’78 –Sep’83 with Orient Paper Mills Ltd., location as Boiler Operator

     Master Program in Mechanical Engineering from National institute of engineering, Mumbai in 2008.
     B.A. from APS REWA University in 1986.
     First Class Boiler Compentcy. (Boiler Board Indore) from Boiler Board Indore University in 1982.
     Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from International Council for Management Studies Chennai, University in 2008.

     Senior General Knowledge Test Certificate
     Senior U.N. Information Certificate

    Address : E-100 Block No. 1, Staff Colony Maihar Cement, Sarla Nagar Maihar, P.O. Sarla
    Nagar - Maihar District, Satna (M.P.), PIN – 485772
    Date of Birth : 5th January, 1956
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  • thermal power plant head
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JOBtalk - Hunt & Apply to jobs through Gtalk

  1. Hunt & Apply to Jobs is a chat away with JOBtalk! Its Easier, Faster and Flexible
  2. <ul><li>JOBtalk is yet another medium explored by Times Jobs to make your job hunt Easier, Faster and Flexible! </li></ul><ul><li>With JOBtalk , you can Search & Apply to Jobs through your Gtalk. </li></ul>What is JOBtalk?
  3. Why you should use JOBtalk? Get the dream job while chatting It allows to search and Apply to jobs through Gtalk Messenger Its Flexible, and Faster JOBtalk is easy to use Instant Access to TimesJobs A New Generation Medium
  4. How to use JOBTalk? To add JOBtalk to your Gtalk friend list, click on the Add button placed at bottom of Gtalk window/ Gmail Chat and enter [email_address]
  5. How to use JOBTalk? Voila! JOBtalk is instantly added to your Gtalk friend list and ready to guide you through your dream job! Now lets see how to use JOBtalk…
  6. Search Jobs on JOBtalk To begin searching, enter your Key skills, Location, Experience and Industry. For e.g. Java programmer 2 yrs Bangalore. JOBtalk then returns the best matching jobs for your search
  7. View Job Details on JOBtalk To view job details, enter View followed by space, followed by the serial number of the job. E.g. View 2 Serial No. of the job
  8. Apply Jobs on JOBtalk To Apply* to a job, enter Apply followed by space, followed by the serial number of the job. E.g. Apply 2 To Apply to multiple jobs, separate serial nos. with space. E.g. Apply 2 3 4 Serial No. of the job Apply* – To apply to jobs through JOBtalk, you need to register your Gmail Address with TimesJobs. In case your Gmail address is not registered, update your Email for Communication in your profile to your Gmail address.
  9. Know More… To know more about the commands, enter Help Note – Any word entered by you, apart from the set of commands, is taken as a search criteria and will display jobs matching to your search.
  10. Essentials of JOBtalk <ul><li>To Apply to job(s) through JOBtalk , you need to - </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Be a registered member of Times Jobs </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Have your Gmail address registered with Times Jobs </li></ul></ul><ul><li>**If your Gmail address is not registered with Times Jobs , log onto and under the section ‘My Times Jobs ’ , edit your Email to your Gmail Address </li></ul>
  11. Benefits of JOBtalk <ul><li>How will JOBtalk help you in your hunt for the dream job? </li></ul><ul><li>With JOBtalk you can search and apply to jobs even if job sites are banned in your organizations </li></ul><ul><li>JOBtalk makes your job search easier, faster and more flexible </li></ul><ul><li>JOBtalk provides instant access to Job searching on Times Jobs </li></ul><ul><li>JOBtalk brings your dream career search to just a chat away! </li></ul><ul><li>With JOBtalk , you can apply to job(s) instantly, without happening to log on to Times Jobs </li></ul><ul><li>So what are you waiting for? Add [email_address] to you Gtalk NOW! </li></ul>
  12. Times Jobs wishes you Good Luck for your dream career search! To know more about JOBtalk , visit http://