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Hitting the Trail


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Hodaya Bruck

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Hitting the Trail

  1. 1. By: Hodaya Bruck
  2. 3. Enjoy Israel’s ski slopes in winter and a great view into Syria in Summer
  3. 4. Israel’s only fresh water lake, supplies fishing, vacation spots, swimming and recreation. It also supplies drinking water for dessert areas in Negev.
  4. 5. Traditionally a main artery crossing Israel from West to East and separating Upper Galilee from Lower Galilee. Strategically, this cross road meant many battles, as different conquerors came to the region. Since there is a lot of water here there were many settlements in the area from the time of King Solomon who built up “Megido” to the modern Israeli Kibbutzim that dried up the swamps and re-established Jewish life and agriculture in the area.
  5. 6. Considered a beautiful city, hosts the main port of Israel, is famous for the Carmel Mountain which is considered holy by many traditions and is host to the beautiful Baha'i Temple and gardens.
  6. 7. The only wall that survived the destruction of the Temple, has become a place of contemplation , prayer, and pride of the Modern Jewish Israeli State.
  7. 8. The lonely tree became a symbol for the Fallen settlements of the Etzion Block. The survivors of the 1948 battles (mainly orphaned children) swore they would return to the tree they missed…
  8. 9. Forty years later Gush Etzion has over fifteen settlements, sixteen schools and a few thousand families living here contently.
  9. 10. Part of the Syrian African Rift the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at 400 meters below Sea Level. Since it is high in salt, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, no living fish can survive there nor can plants grow near by.
  10. 11. Based near the Ramon Crater Mitspeh Ramon is a development town in the dessert, that suffers from unemployment and poverty. A plan to build up tourism, hotels and maybe a Casino is being discussed to give the place a future.
  11. 12. Israel’s resort area offers dessert beauty, coral reefs, diving, swimming, jeep riding, boating and luxurious hotels. Eilat is supported by tourism and is considered the best place to get away to, when going on vacation.