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Teaching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

This was the closing presentation at the Digital Kids Education (Edu) Summit.

The conference took place September 18, 2013 in San Francisco. A focused event discussing the profound and rapidly changing innovations taking place in education through digital media, DK Edu covers consumer-oriented products and services that are redefining what it means to educate children today.

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Teaching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Teaching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Digital Kids Education Conference || Museum of Children’s Creativity || 10/18/2013
  2. 2. What is 8 and Up? • A company teaching entrepreneurship to kids in a fun way. • Launched a pilot Spring 2013 • Parents invest $50 in their child’s business • Expanding to NY, SF and London
  3. 3. Our inspiration . . .
  4. 4. So who’s next?
  5. 5. How we define entrepreneurship An entrepreneur changes the future by asking . . . .
  6. 6. Inventions are just things people made up!
  7. 7. Two rules for kid entrepreneurs Make Mistakes
  8. 8. How it Works $50 Budget6 Weeks Design a Product And Have Fun!
  9. 9. Dreams of a 7 year old
  10. 10. Week 1 What is an Entrepreneur? Week 2 What the Big Idea? Week 3 Just Jump In! Miskates
  11. 11. Week 4 Build a Prototype Week 5 Tell your story Week 6 Showtime! Share the
  12. 12. Education changes when kids ask “What If ?”
  13. 13. The Big Picture
  14. 14. The Bigger Picture
  15. 15. Why this matters • Education has changed in the Google Age. • Knowing answers matters less than asking interesting questions. • What will skills will matter in the world of 2023?
  16. 16. What the experts say. . . . “Today, what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know.” “Our goal shouldn’t be to make every students college-ready but innovation ready.”
  17. 17. The Long View “My generation had it easy – we got to “find” a job”. Increasingly, kids will need to invent their jobs.”
  18. 18. We’re Small but Growing
  19. 19. Questions and Ideas ?
  20. 20. Thanks! • For more info visit us at or follow us • Email