Sales Is Like Dating


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Sales Is Like Dating

  1. 1. Why Sales Is Like Dating<br />A Proven + Research Based 7-Stage System To Move You From Introduction To Getting Talked About<br />
  2. 2. Sales Dating 7 Stage Cycle<br />At First Glance: Getting Leads<br />Growing <br />The Family:<br />Referrals + WoM<br />Breaking The Ice: <br />Setting Appointments<br />First Date:<br />Initial Consultation<br />TRUST<br />Keeping The<br />Spark:<br />An Engaged <br />Database<br />New Relationship:<br />Current Client<br />Going Steady:<br />Community Shift<br />
  3. 3. At First GlanceGetting Leads<br />It Begins With Getting Noticed<br />Anonymity is the greatest barrier to business<br />success.<br />Put another way – if no one notices you, if you<br />don’t get that first glance and know what to do<br />with it, then you are already sunk in the water. <br />We’ll help you get noticed and show you proven<br />strategies for when a lead does look your way.<br />Get noticed and make it comfortable for your<br />leads to get to know you more. <br />
  4. 4. Breaking The IceSetting Appointments<br />Approachability is King<br />In business, and in dating, people often make the<br />same mistake – jumping ahead before the other<br />person is ready.<br />Before you can go straight to talking about the<br />deal or your services you need to make sure your<br />potential client is comfortable.<br />You need to break the ice. <br />Getting a lead doesn’t mean anything if they<br />won’t take the next step. So take some small<br />steps so they will set an appointment to continue<br />the conversation.<br />
  5. 5. First DateInitial Consultation<br />Making Them Feel Good<br />This is your big chance to make a great ‘first<br />impression’.<br />Your lead has given you enough trust to ‘meet up<br />with you’…now, how are you going to meet and<br />exceed their expectations?<br />Experience shows that the most successful<br />businesses have a system for educating their<br />potential clients about what they do and how<br />they can help them. They address their<br />concerns, tell a story about what will happen,<br />and plant seeds for future value. <br />This starts and sets the tone of the relationship.<br />Don’t leave it up to chance.<br />
  6. 6. Expectations + Adjusting<br />Beginning a new relationship always has its ups<br />and downs, and it’s no different in business.<br />We’ll show you the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ that<br />all of your clients will go through, and how to<br />best handle each turn and drop. <br />As the professional, it is your job to be one step<br />ahead of the game so that your client always<br />feels safe and that you’re in control. <br />No one wants to work with someone who wings<br />it. People can sense unstructured service.<br />Keep the relationship strong all the way through. <br />New RelationshipCurrent Client<br />
  7. 7. Helping Them Be Comfortable<br />Once the deal or service is done many business<br />owners shake hands, thank their customers, and<br />tell them to contact them if they need anything.<br />But few actually do anything after that to show<br />they mean it…and they miss a HUGE opportunity.<br />After people have received valuable service from<br />you they are in a prime limited time frame to<br />really talk about you, and how you helped them.<br />Be smart with our systems to help your<br />customers and clients join an engaged<br />community of past clients. Make the shift fun<br />and easy so you can have a lifetime relationship.<br />Going SteadyCommunity Shift<br />
  8. 8. What A Nice Surprise!<br />What is the lifetime value of a client to you?<br />Do you know? Have you calculated what that<br />would mean to your business in future revenue? <br />And once you have, how does that affect the way<br />you think about your client base?<br />Engaging your past clients and database is one of<br />the surest, and most fun ways to grow your<br />business. Keep the spark alive by providing<br />continual value long after what they expect. <br />A relationship without genuine engagement and<br />consistency of connection is a dead one.<br />Our systems will show you how.<br />Keeping The SparkAn Engaged Database<br />
  9. 9. Getting Talked About<br />Getting people to come back to use your services<br />again is only part of it. A great business, like a<br />good relationship, gets introduced to friends,<br />family, and people their customer knows and<br />cares about.<br />From the first glance to keeping the spark alive,<br />smart businesses and professionals know how to<br />plant referral seeds and create word of mouth<br />opportunities.<br />In short, give your customers something to talk<br />about and make it easy for them to do so. <br />Imagine working with people who have only<br />heard good things about you. Nice, isn’t it?<br />Growing The FamilyReferrals + WoM<br />
  10. 10. Let’s Get Started<br />Simply Contact Lifestyle Design To Enhance + Grow Your Business With Our 7-Stage System Today.<br /><br />