To lurk or not to lurk


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To lurk or not to lurk

  1. 1. EMOD 002-009
  2. 2. Reasons for lurking
  3. 3. Edouard, Engeli, Renate , Teresa, Jacob,Patricia, John, Anshul, Viri
  4. 4. Look before you leapEngeli, Patricia, Teresa, John, Anshul,Viri, Felipe
  5. 5. Edouard, Teresa, John, Alejandra
  6. 6. Edouard, Engeli, Renate , Teresa, EloisePatricia
  7. 7. Felipe
  8. 8. Eloise
  9. 9. Edouard, Ren ate
  10. 10. Engeli, Renate, Jacob
  11. 11. Engaged Browsers observers (Pat) (Pat) Observers Invisible (Edouard,learners (Pat) Alejandra, John, Renate)
  12. 12.  Give lurkers what they need: understanding, support and care Accept lurking within (Renate) limits (Edouard, Engeli,  Let lurkers know their Renate, Jacob ) participation is valued Contact lurkers (John) (Edouard, Teresa, John, Renate, Jacob, Patricia, Viri, Anshul) Set up tasks so that a post is required from each CP (Engeli, Jacob, Felipe) Team or pair work (Eloise) Ask enthusiastic CPs to step back (Eloise)