Bouquet of flowers


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Bouquet of flowers

  1. 1. Congrats dear E-Colleagues, Happy Holidays and a 2013 with 3 H’s: Health, Hope and Happiness! H Our Flowers Growing and Blooming during Weeks 1, 2& 3 (November-December 2012)You will find some excellent examples for e-language we have used, and how itpositively affects on-line conversations This is a list of our own contributions/flowers! Can you find any other categories I found or thought about? -------------------------------------------------------------- My categories (Renate’s) with your wonderful examples:GREETINGS/OPENINGS • A very warm hello to all of our group who have already posted! • Dear @ll, • Dear all, • Dear E-Peers,
  2. 2. • Good evening e-colleagues,• Good evening, everyone,• Hello again!• Hello All,• Hello’X’ and other peers,• Hello there,• Hi all,• Hi everybody,• Hi everyone,• HI Stage 3 team,• Hope everyone had a great weekend, however you decided to spend it, and that you have had a happy Monday!• OK, thanks all!• Thats a very good question.• Well, I think,• You are welcome ‘X’,ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; THANKS; ENCOURAGEMENT; SIMILARITIES• Great idea - very generative - had not thought of doing it for this purpose!• I like yours though!• Indeed, I do enjoy the e-learner side, as I feel that I have come across a lot of eye openers and have the opportunity to share my views with very talented peers.• Many thanks to all!• OK, thanks all!• On behalf of the whole team, thank you very much,• Perfect :o) !• Right!• Thank you for your help.• Thank you for your insight.• Thank you for your response and viewpoint on this matter; I would like to respond as well.• Thank you in advance,• Thank you very much for this positive feedback.• Thanks for summing this up in such an innovative way.• Thanks a lot, for this thought :-)• Thanks for the feedback, guys!• Thanks for the given support and guidance.• Thanks for the interesting statistics (90-9-1)• Thanks for the link! Interesting reading.• Thanks for your comments and interest.• Thanks for your comparison.• Thanks for your question.• Thanks in advance for your reply.• Thanks to you, John, and to everyone because you have probably have
  3. 3. no idea how much I have been receiving from everyone!• Thanks very much for this reassurance,• Thanks very much indeed• Thanks, again,• This is a great alternative to the eternal Topic Forum Summary• This is great,• Very enriching discussion...• Well done• Well done to all.• Well said! I agree.• You are not alone, I have the same problem.• You must be superhuman :-)• Your contribution is very complete and accurate, congrats! KEEPING/ENCOURAGING E-CONVERSATION• Any more ideas?• Are there any possible disadvantages to this, I wonder? What do others think?• Do you think I should be firmer?• Feedback is more than welcome,• Great contribution, I have a question about the following:• Hope you find something useful in it!• Id love to hear what you think so we might be able to make a collective decision.• I look forward to reading your (and our peers`) comments,• I read your contribution and I agree with most observations.• I will comment away a bit later on!• I will write some ideas for you, with all the attention your work deserves, and get back to you tomorrow!• I wonder...what do people think about commenting on the rest of our colleagues assignments?• Id be really interested in reading about other peoples experience and ideas on these two points,• I really enjoyed reading all the posts this week so far,• Let me know your thoughts on mine:)• Looking forward to more,• Perhaps our e-peers can share their experience with us. ;-)• Please let me know what you think about the ideas I am sharing with you. Thanks in advance and e-see you later,• Thanks again, and believe me, Im never tired to read your posts.• Thanks for your question.• This is one idea .... but I am sure that you will come up with many others. Thanks for this in advance.• Thank you :-) and Talk soon• We look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.
  4. 4. • Well, these are my points of view, and all your comments are welcomed.• What disadvantage do you have in mind? I know you do, so please speak up!• What do others think about this issue?• What do you think?• Yes, isnt it interesting how everyone had quite a different approach?• Your ideas are great; could you mention a bit more specifically which exact areas are linked to certain roles? QUERIES/REQUEST FOR HELP• Any chance you know how we assess each others work.• Any help?• Can anyone help me with this?• I look forward to hearing more of my e-mates experiences with materials! EXPLANATIONS• You can click on the link I have provided and access it online. SUGGESTIONS• So I suggest that ‘X’ and ‘Y’ work together in the peer assessment task. Hope this is fine with you! APOLOGISING• Apologies for a rather long post,• Now that I look back at my first draft, oh dear… it’s so poor!• Sorry about that! FAREWELLS/CLOSINGS• All the best,• Animo to all!• As always,• As always, thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and experience,• As ever,• Be happy!• Best,• Best as always,• Best regards,• Best to all, and thanks to all• Bye for now,• Cheers,• Enjoy your baby this afternoon,• Enjoy your weekend,• Enjoy!• Have a great day,• Have a great weekend,
  5. 5. • Have a nice evening, as well,• Have an excellent wee• Hope all well with everyone!• Hope to discuss this further, and thanks for bringing this up!• Hope you’re enjoying the course as much as me!!!!• I look forward to your response!• Kind regards,• Looking forward to more,• Looking forward to more, if you have time,• Nite!• Reading with continued interest!• Regards• Saludos,• Sleep tight,• Sleep well!• Speak to you all on Monday I hope!• Stay bright,• Take care,• Talk again soon!• Thank you for bringing it up.• Thank you for your responses in advance,• Thank you in advance,• Thank you :-) and Talk soon• Thanks again and enjoy Mérida• Thanks again!• Thanks and hope to see you tomorrow!• The journey is often more interesting than the destination, they say... As always• Un abrazo from Mexico City,• Wishing everyone well, as always• Your friendly online tutor