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Ecology & You


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ecology & You

  1. 1. Ecology & You { Can’t we all just get along?
  2. 2. The study of home (earthand the interconnectionsof organisms) { Ecology
  3. 3. A natural unit that includes living andnon-living parts interacting to produce astable system in which the exchange ofmaterials between the living and nonlivingparts follows closed paths; all living thingsand their environment in an area of anysize with all linked together by energy andnutrient flow { Ecosystem
  4. 4. A close, prolonged associationbetween two or more differentorganisms of different species thatmay, but does not necessarily, benefiteach member { Symbiosis
  5. 5. A relationship between twospecies of organisms in whichboth benefit from theassociation-a type of symbiosis { Mutualism
  6. 6. A type of symbiotic relationshipbetween organisms of differentspecies where one organism, theparasite, benefits at the expense ofthe host { Parisitism
  7. 7. When two or moreorganisms have the potentialfor using the same resource.May be inter- or intra-specific { Competition
  8. 8. A predator, typically a largeranimal preys (hunts) for smalleranimals. { Predation
  9. 9. Student 1:Draw a line like the one to theright and place a mark wheredifferent situations would fallon the scale. Worst Bad Neutral Good Best Ever EverStudent 2:Draw a line perpendicular toStudent 1’s line and now the twoof you will place a mark wheredifferent situations would fallon your scale.Analyze: Did anything fall indifferent squares? The samesquares? Ew or Yeah?!?
  10. 10. Symbiosis review!