Cross Laminated Timber’s Role in North American Construction


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In the context of wood-based building systems, cross laminated timber has a unique position. This presentation from the first US CLT Symposium examines the role of CLT, mass timber and other wood building systems in North American construction. It also provides an overview of the newly released US version of the CLT Handbook, available at

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Cross Laminated Timber’s Role in North American Construction

  1. 1. CLT’srole in North-AmericanConstructionErol KaracabeyliLocation: CLT Symposium SeattleDate: February 28, 2013
  2. 2. Wood Construction Early 1900’s Late 1900’s Early 2000s Future ConceptsBrick and Beam Light-Frame CLTHeavy Timber
  3. 3. FPInnovations Survey onBrick & Beam Buildings  Up to 9 storeys, high ceiling (up to 12’ high), exposed heavy timber  Built from 1859 to 1933  Factories, warehouses and manufacturing  All across Canada… • Toronto - 125 buildings retail & office use (up to 220,000 sf floor space – i.e., 6 storeys @ 37,000 sf) • Vancouver – 47 buildings (min) retail, office, restaurant, hotel & apartment • Montreal – retail, residential & office use
  4. 4. FPInnovations Survey on Brick & BeamBuildings  Treasured  Durable  Flexible  Taller and larger than allowed by current building codesToronto Carpet Factory, largest brick & beam buildings in Canada. 6-storey with ceiling up to 22’. Built around 1900
  5. 5. Wood Building SystemsLight Frame Post & Beam CLT Hybrid 5
  6. 6. CLT isA great addition to ‘Wood’sToolbox’ Murray Grove Building, London, UK CSN-FONDACTION Building, Québec City
  7. 7. Paradigm shift in introducinginnovative wood building systems Package Research and Technical Code Solutions Early Development Implementation for Adoption Adoption 7
  8. 8. U.S. CLT Handbook
  9. 9. U.S. CLT HandbookFundingBinational Softwood Lumber CouncilForestry Innovation Investment of BCStructurlamProductsNordic Engineered WoodCLT America 9
  10. 10. U.S. CLT HandbookWorking GroupBrad Douglas (AWC)ErolKaracabeyli (FPInnovations)Dave Kretschmann (USDA FPL)Lisa Podesto (U.S. WoodWorks)BJ Yeh (APA)EditorsErol Karacabeyli (FPInnovations)Brad Douglas (AWC)Project ManagersSylvain Gagnon (FPInnovations)Loren Ross (AWC)
  11. 11. Authors and ReviewersAlpha Barry, FPInnovations Bob White, USDA FPL Brad Douglas, AWCBlane Grann, FPInnovations Dave Kretschmann, USDA FPL Kenneth Bland, AWCBrad Wang, FPInnovations Doug Rammer, USDA FPL KumaSumathipila, AWCChristian Dagenais, FPInnovations Sam Glass, USDA FPL Loren Ross, AWCCiprian Pirvu, FPInnovations Ted Bilek, USDA FPL Phil Line, AWCConroy Lum, FPInnovations Phil Line, AWCErol Karacabeyli, FPInnovations BJ Yeh, APA Sam Francis, AWCJennifer O’Connor, FPInnovations Ed Keith, APAJieying Wang, FPInnovations Thomas Skaggs, APA Lisa Podesto, U.S. WoodWorksLin Hu, FPInnovationsMarjan Popovski, FPInnovations AndreMorf, Structurlam Jean-Luc Kouyoumji, FCBAM Mohammad, FPInnovations Bruce Craig Joe McElvaney, City of PhoenixPablo Crespel, FPInnovations Bruce Stockton, Stockton Solutions Julie Frappier, NordicPaul Morris, FPInnovations David Adams Ron Hamburger, Simpson Gumpertz&HegerSylvain Gagnon, FPInnovations Graham Finch, RDH Scott Nyseth, Stonewood DesignJames Churchill, UmassAmherst Steve EaslyAndrea Frangi, Zurich Steven Pryor, Simpson StrongTieArioCecotti, IVALSA Tom Williamsons, LLCDan Dolan, Wash. States Univ. Vince Camalleri, Simpson Gumpertz&HegerGerhard Schickhofer, Graz Univ.Hans Blass, KIT, GermanyJohn Van de Lindt, Col. Stat. Univ. 55 NorthAmarican andLiv Haselbach, Wash. States Univ.Shiling Pei, South Dakota Univ. International expertsYing-HeiChui, UNB
  12. 12. Conceptually, how high can we go with wood? 20 -16-Storey in Italy 20-Storey Austria UBC-RJC 20-Storey … ’ 20-Storey Norway
  13. 13. As high as trees TimberTowerGreen-Karsh 30 Storey Germany Redwood 379 ft 328 ft
  14. 14. A Renaissance in wood construction
  15. 15. 15