Wooden Retaining Walls


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Wooden Retaining Walls

  1. 1. “Wooden Retaining Walls” Retaining Walls
  2. 2. Wooden retaining walls have a place in a homeowners landscape.A flat yard that is being accented by a garden might get a boostfrom the added visual impact that can be had from woodenretaining walls. Walls do not have to be built very high in order toqualify as a different kind of structure. The job a wooden retainingstructure can do in the case of an otherwise flat or uninterestinglandscape is to provide some height or depth. This can make thatyard much more appealing. Retaining Walls
  3. 3. Besides this, these low level retaining walls can have a positive effecton your garden. Much like sandstone retaining walls, these walls cankeep the soil from eroding and they can allow a certain amount ofdrainage to occur that the garden would not get were it not for thecarefully designed wooden retaining structure. Above all else,wooden structures are just one of several types to choose fromwhen endeavoring to install retaining walls around the home. Retaining Walls
  4. 4. Deciding to Use WoodFor no other reason than aesthetics, you may choose woodenmaterial over other retaining materials like sandstone. Eachmaterial creates a drastically different look. When choosingwooden materials, you want to first think of the use the woodenretaining walls and structures will have. If the retaining walls willneed to perform in a manner that will keep erosion at bay then it ispossible you will need to have an engineer assist with the designsfor the wooden walls. Retaining Walls
  5. 5. For landscapes that are set along a slope, or for yards that areadjacent to hillier grounds, it may be vital that the woodenretaining walls are designed by a professional. This is because inmany ways these structures, while offering added beauty to thelandscape, will need to withstand the pressure of any rainfall orsnow run off that could threaten their stability. If a malfunctioningstructure were to collapse under the pressure it could affect thesafety of your home. Retaining Walls
  6. 6. Essentially, poorly constructed wooden retaining walls could buckleunder pressure and possibly result in a flood or minor landslide rightthere in your yard. If it is close enough, it absolutely could have aserious impact to your home. This is often why some woodenretaining walls cannot be constructed without a permit from yourmunicipality. All you are thinking of is a way to enhance your yard, orgive your landscape a make over. Yet, many times these structureshave serious work to do. Retaining Walls
  7. 7. If, however, you want wooden retaining walls to be constructed at alow level to create a border at the side of your yard to accent theplants and shrubs there, you may be able to take up the jobyourself. If the only object is to provide beautification then nothingnecessitates the structure being particularly sound from anengineering standpoint. That is, that it would need to be structurallysound to the extent that you would like the wall to last after thetime and expense put into building it. Retaining Walls
  8. 8. In other words, if a home made structure were to somehow fail tohold up and that failure did not put any thing at risk such as yourhome and family, you can probably safely experiment withdesigning and building it yourself. For more intricate or complicatedlandscapes and climates, it is probably best to hire a professional.Allow them to assist with designing your wooden retaining wallsand installing them. Retaining Walls
  9. 9. Protection and BeautyRegarding climate considerations, you may want to limit the use ofwood in any designs in areas that are susceptible to wildfires. Somemunicipalities may have restrictions that you can find out aboutwhen determining if a permit is necessary. The same may also gofor those climates that might experience extremes in humidity andmoisture. These can affect the wood over time and create aproblem with rot which in turn could affect your plants or shrubs.However, this problem is usually prevented by proper lining andtreatment at the base of the structure. Retaining Walls
  10. 10. With the help of a professional landscape architect or engineer, asuitable drainage system can be constructed with PVC piping duringthe installation of the structure. Often timbers are treated in avariety of ways to make them safe in just about any area. You maywant to ensure the safety and longevity of your structure byinvestigating local landscape professionals to help you constructthem.Their services will involve a degree of cost, but if you wantyour wooden retaining walls, your home and property protectedagainst any possible damage it is certainly worth any reasonableexpense. Plus, a professional design can assure you that every detailpertaining to the form and function of the structure is correct. Thiscan help to prevent any other problems with the structure in thefuture. Retaining Walls