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RetailOasis Big Breakfast Presentation: James


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James Johnson, Director of Industry Strategy for Retail + consumer goods at Sales Force, talking about the importance of mobile and the store as a customer acquisition vehicle

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RetailOasis Big Breakfast Presentation: James

  1. 1. XX PIPPAJames Johnson IndustryStrategy Salesforce Gentle Monster Proudly sponsored by BigBreakfast
  2. 2. Bringing Brands Closer to Consumers Since 1999 Shopper Success
  3. 3. Source: Salesforce Shopping Index Q4 2018 Consumer experiences should reflect that... Mobile Is The Digital Glue 65% of traffic is from mobile devices (ANZ) 21% of mobile visitors displayed a buying signal (ANZ) 54% of orders are now placed on mobile devices (ANZ) global 65% global 19% global 46%
  4. 4. 83% of shoppers aged 18-44 use mobile devices instore Source: Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient, Shopper-First Retailing.*: Ages 18-44 32% photographed a product 40% compared prices 25% read product reviews 30% researched a product Consumer experiences should reflect that... Mobile Is The Digital Glue
  5. 5. 54% of all orders are mobile +69% YoY increase orders sourced from social 26% of revenue driven by AI-product recommendations 80% say experience is as important as products &
 services How Do You Go Faster to Keep Up? Brands who get to the future first will win
  6. 6. Delivering Tastemaking Rental, subscription, delivery, AR/VR Instagram & 
 YouTube “Rent is the 
 new CAC” Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  7. 7. want to join us next year? Level 4, 1a Rialto Lane, Manly NSW 2095 retailoasis.com02 9976 6222 NRF Big Show + Retail Study Tour: January 2020