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RetailOasis Big Breakfast 2017: Mark Teperson Presentation


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Our 3rd annual Retail Big Breakfast, Mark (Digital Director of RCG) discusses the importance of integrating digital into the store experience.

Published in: Retail
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RetailOasis Big Breakfast 2017: Mark Teperson Presentation

  2. 2. Retail Distribution
  3. 3. It took Uber 5 years to book its billionth trip then… 6 months to book its 2nd billionth journey
  4. 4. Standalone "big box" stores Traditional Malls Local independant stores not in malls 38% 50% 59% 42% 53% 63% Source: Deloitte 2016 Holiday Survey (US) At which of these types of stores do you plan to shop this holiday season?” In the US, traffic to physical stores continues to decline… but, purchase intent is up
  5. 5. 2016 US$0 US$100 US$200 US$300 US$400 Top 8 US Retail Amazon US$355.9 US$298 Half of every additional dollar spent online in the US is with Change in market value 2006 vs 2016 (US$B) 25% 1,934%
  6. 6. follow the customer and you will never have to look for growth
  7. 7. brands that create extraordinary experiences achieve financial returns more than double the market = Physical Retail Digital Retail
  8. 8. imagination &courage
  9. 9. SOHO
  10. 10. SOHO visit store choose product sign-up & experience CRM DMP Ad-servers
  11. 11. of millennials78prefer to spend money on experiences over products %
  12. 12. customers willing to pay +20% more for personalisation
  13. 13. digital now influencing the majority of all retail transactions $295bn eCommerce Sales $1.8T digitally influenced sales
  14. 14. follow the customer and you will never have to look for growth