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RetailOasis Big Breakfast 2017: Darren Aquilina Presentation


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Our 3rd annual Retail Big Breakfast, DJ ( ‎Group General Manager Marketing & Procurement, at Thorn Group Australia ) discusses they key trends in consumer electronics and their impact on retail.

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RetailOasis Big Breakfast 2017: Darren Aquilina Presentation

  1. 1. BIG BREAKFAST: DJ TECHNOLOGY #retailoasis
  2. 2. BEST OF CES 2017
  3. 3. 2.5 million sq feet of exhibit space 140 countries represented 177,000+ attendees (+7K from last year) 580 exhibitors in Eureka Park 25,000 new products will launch 53,000+ international attendees
  4. 4. Self-Driving Cars Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality1 2 3 4 KEY THEMES OF CES 2017 Screens Smart Everything
  5. 5. OSSIC X - First headphones designed for VR - Markes music and sound appear to ‘move’ as you turn your head
  6. 6. - Only smartphones to feature Google Tango Technology - Sensors convert a room into a virtual playspace - US$733-$1,333
  7. 7. - Turns any couch or chair into a cockpit - Matches with home theatre, music, VR
  8. 8. Razor Project Valerie - Triple display laptop - still in prototype phase - 3x17” displayed designed for gaming. 108 degree wraparound experience
  9. 9. - Hear One: World’s first in- ear computer - Designed to be worn all day, connects to AI personal assistant and dynamic translation - US $299 pre-order
  10. 10. - Automated craft-beer brewing machine - At-home craft beer that ‘you’d actually enjoy drinking’ - US$549.99 pre-order
  11. 11. - World’s first wearable blood alcohol sensor - Inc. Socially enabled mobile app to see ‘who’s partying the hardest’ - US$99
  12. 12. Hair Coach - L’areal & Withings - a hair advisor in brush form - Trains you to improve brushing technique by vibrating when stroked too hard - US$200
  13. 13. Kissenger - World’s first mobile kiss messenger - Kiss loved ones even when you’re physically apart.
  14. 14. THEN (90s) NOW (00s) NEXT (20s) INFORMATION AGE INTERACTIVE AGE IMMERSIVE AGE connected computers allowed those who controlled knowledge to dominate connected devices allowed those creating compelling experiences to rule advancements allow those who push reality to be seen as leaders
  15. 15. 1 2 3 4 5 Progression Acceleration Trust Integrate Innovate LEARNINGS