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A quick slideshow on archetypes

Published in: Retail
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  1. 1. WANTS STABILITY 1 SEARCHERS FOR PARADISE Caregiver Caregiver Caregiver Caregiver Creator Ruler Innocent Explorer Sage OutlawJester Lover CREATES BELONGING Hero MagicianRegular Guy ORDER CHANGE SELFGROUP to create with others to help others to lead others to find happiness to find the truth to find freedom to connect through humour to connect through empathy to connect through love/ the senses to create rebellion to create mastery to create transformation CREATES CHANGE DEFINING YOUR ARCHETYPE
  2. 2. 2222 THE CAREGIVER love your neighbour as yourself Aka The mother, home cook, provider, mother earth (Ceres/Demeter) Goal To help others Gift Compassion and generosity Shadow Becoming a martyr volvo huggies
  3. 3. THE RULER power isn’t everything, it’s the only thing aka King, CEO, Head god (Zeus) Goal To rule others Gift Responsibility, leadership Shadow Authoritarian, unable to delegate microsoft rolex mercedes 3
  4. 4. THE CREATOR if it can be imaged it can be created Aka the artist, creative, actor, muse Goal To create with others Gift Creativity and imagination Shadow Perfectionism and being overly dramatic Lego Crayola 4
  5. 5. 5555 THE INNOCENT free to be you and me aka Peter Pan, Princess Laya Goal To find happiness Gift Forever young, optimistic Shadow Aimless wandering, never grow up Mcdonalds Coke
  6. 6. 6666 THE SAGE the truth will set you free Aka Yoda, Librarian, Teacher Goal To find the truth Gift Wisdom and intelligence Shadow Disconnected from reality, ivory tower Discovery Channel Wikipedia
  7. 7. 7777 THE EXPLORER don’t fence me in Aka Indiana Jones, Mountaineer, Elon Musk Goal To find freedom (+ new frontiers) Gift Autonomy ambition, being true to yourself Shadow Aimless wandering Expedia REI
  8. 8. THE REGULAR GUY/GIRL we’re all created equal Aka. Girl or guy next door, mirror of yourself Goal to connect through empathy Gift Realism, empathy, lack of pretence Shadow Boring, doens’t stand out Ikea Walmart 8
  9. 9. 9999 THE JESTER you only live once Aka. the comedian, Joker, Loeke, Court Jester Goal to connect through humour Gift Play, make jokes, be funny Shadow Frivolity, wasting time Ben & Jerry’s M&Ms
  10. 10. 10101010 THE LOVER you’re the only one Aka Marilyn Monroe, Aphrodite/ Venus, Casanova Goal To connect through love/the senses Gift passion, gratitude, appreciation, and commitment Shadow shallow, superficial BWM Magnum
  11. 11. 111111 THE HERO when there’s a will, there’s a way Aka the olympian, the warrior (Athena/ Mars), the winner Goal To create mastery Gift Courage and Competence Shadow Arrogance, aways needing a battle to fight Nike
  12. 12. 121212 THE OUTLAW rules are meant to be broken Aka Che Guevara, Steve Jobs, the iconoclast Goal To create rebellion Gift Radical freedom, rebelliousness, challenge the status quo Shadow Crime/Darkside Harley Davidson Apple
  13. 13. 13131313 THE MAGICIAN I make things happen Aka Harry Potter, Magician, Tranformers Goal To create transformation Gift Making dreams come through, being a catalyst for change Shadow Becoming manipulative Lynx Disney