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Internal Retail Listings Management System


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Published in: Technology
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Internal Retail Listings Management System

  1. 1. Internal Retail Listings Management System
  2. 2. Your Logo Here Powered by RetailMLS*
  3. 3. Descrip(on >  RetailMLS  will  work  with  you  to  lead  the  planning,   development  and  produc(on  of  your  custom  Internal   Lis(ngs  Management  System.   >  The  System  will  allow  you  to  manage  and  maintain   all  of  your  Exclusives  AND  Internal  “proprietary”  retail   lis(ngs  and  lis(ng  related  data  for  marke(ng  and   informa(onal  purposes. >  The  objec(ve  is  to  create  an  applica(on  that   integrates  the  func(onality  of  with   extended  func(onality  and  proprietary  data  exclusive   to  you. >  Upon  comple(on  and  delivery  of  the  System,   RetailMLS  will  con(nue  to  work  with  you  to  provide   ongoing  training,  hos(ng,  maintenance  and  support.
  4. 4. Features >  Custom  Branding   The  System  will  be  custom  branded  with  the  your  logo   and  color-­‐scheme  (if  applicable)  and  “Powered  by   RetailMLS.” >  Private  Website,  Registra6on  &  Login Users  will  access  the  System  from  a  unique  URL   (  providing  access  to  login   and  registra(on  pages.     New  users  who  aQempt  to  register  using  a  valid   company  email  address  (e.g.  will  automa(cally  be   granted  access  to  the  system  aSer  securely   authen(ca(ng  their  email  address.  New  users  who   aQempt  to  register  using  an  email  address  outside   your  company’s  email  domain  will  have  to  be   approved  by  your  designated  Organiza(on   Administrator(s)  in  order  to  gain  access.
  5. 5. >  Create  and  Manage  Internal  Lis6ngs Users  will  be  able  to  create,  edit,  and  delete   “Exclusive”  and  “Internal”  lis(ngs  through  a  simple   ‘List  Space’  and  ‘Manage  Lis(ngs’  process.  Users  will   also  have  an  addi(onal  layer  of  control  over  where  the   lis(ng  is  published  and  who  can  view  it.  For  example,   Internal  lis(ngs  will  be  visible  ONLY  to  your  company   users  logged  in  through  the  System.     >  Publish  Internal  Lis6ngs  to     Internal  Lis(ngs  (so  long  as  they  are  “Exclusives”)  can   be  quickly  and  easily  made  public  and  published  to,  making  them  visible  to  the  en(re  audience. ✓ Features
  6. 6. >  Branded  Flyers The  System  will  allow  users  to  automa(cally  generate   lis(ng  flyers  which  will  incorporate  your  company’s   branded  color  scheme  and  logo. >  Branded  Tour  Books The  System  will  allow  users  to  create  a  custom  ‘Tour   Book’  that  combines  up  to  10  branded  lis(ng  flyers   into  a  single  PDF  document  with  a  company-­‐branded   cover  and  (tle  page  containing  the  agent(s)  contact   informa(on. >  Lis6ng  Contact  Fields The  system  will  allow  the  lis(ng  user  to  include  the   contact  informa(on  for  both  the  represen(ng  broker   and  landlord  of  the  property.   Features
  7. 7. >  Enhanced  Find  Space  Capabili6es Users  will  have  the  capability  to  search  for  both   Internal  and  Public  lis(ngs  through  a  user-­‐friendly   ‘Find  Space’  process.  Users  will  have  an  addi(onal   searching  filter  allowing  them  to  search  a  combina(on   of:  Public  &  Internal  Lis(ngs,  Public  Lis(ngs  Only  and   Internal  Lis(ngs  Only. >  Comp  Tracking   The  System  will  allow  users  to  quickly  add  detailed  Comp   informa(on  similar  to  the  way  lis(ngs  are  added,   however,  with  unique  fields  allowing  for  entry  of  actual   deal  terms.  Comp  informa(on  will  be  visible  ONLY  to   Client  users  logged  in  through  the  System  (similar  to   internal  lis(ngs).  Users  will  be  able  to  view  and  search   Comps  on  the  map  similar  to  the  way  lis(ngs  are   displayed  and  the  user  can  hide  or  show  Comps  on  the   map  as  necessary. Features
  8. 8. >  Syndica6on  to  Third-­‐Party  PlaGorms   Lis(ngs  can  be  quickly  and  easily  published  to  a  variety   of  third-­‐party  plaaorms  as  specified  by  Client.   >  Private  Linking Users  will  be  able  to  share  specific  Internal  lis(ngs   with  others  outside  of  their  organiza(on  (e.g.  tenant   prospects,  other  brokers,  etc.).    Sharing  will  be   conducted  via  a  private  and  unlisted  hyperlink,   inaccessible  by  anyone  without  the  link.  Another  user   can  only  view  the  lis(ng  if  they  have  the  exact   hyperlink  of  the  lis(ng.  Each  private  lis(ng  hyperlink   can  be  set  to  expire  aSer  a  certain  period  of  (me/date   and/or  number  of  clicks.   Features
  9. 9. >  Repor6ng  &  Analy6cs RetailMLS  can  provide  monthly  repor(ng,  including:  #   of  ac(ve  users,  #  of    invited  users,  #  of  lis(ngs  entered,   #  of  type  of  lis(ngs  made  (e.g.  ‘Internal’  vs.  ‘published   on  RetailMLS’  vs.  ‘published  on  a  third-­‐party   plaaorm’),  and  related  metrics. >  Document  Library The  System  will  feature  a  Document  Library  to  house   frequently-­‐used  documents  such  as:  Contracts,  Leases,   Lease  Riders,  Referral  Agreements,  Brokerage   Agreements,  Exclusive  Lis(ng  and  Tenant  Rep   Agreements,  Commission  Request  Forms,  Rate  Schedules,   Licensing  and  Broker  Disclosures  and  No(ces,   Independent  Contractor  Agreements,  Corporate  Logos,   and  other  such  items  as  supplied  by  you.    Organiza(on   Administrators  will  have  the  ability  to  add,  edit,  and   delete  these  documents,  while  other  users  will  only  have   the  ability  to  download. Features
  10. 10. RetailPRO  Features >  In  addi(on  to  the  custom  features  described  above,  the   System  will  also  incorporate  all  of  the  Basic  and  RetailPRO   enabled  features  found  on  including: •  Search  Unlimited  Retail  Lis(ngs •  Create  a  Custom  Area  Map  Search •  Access  Street  View  &  Bird’s  Eye  View •  Schedule  a  Showing •  Email  and  Share  Lis(ngs •  Search  by  Demographics •  Save  Searches •  Track  Lis(ngs •  Set  Lis(ng  Alerts •  Download  Lis(ngs  to  Excel •  Compare  Lis(ngs •  Take  Private  Lis(ng  Notes •  Post  Jobs  for  Free •  Receive  a  15%  Discount  on  Featured  Lis(ng  Fees
  11. 11. Plan  Type  > Professional Enterprise Pricing  > $1,495/month Contact  us Number  of  Users Up  to  10 10+ Hos6ng ✓   ✓   Custom  Branding ✓   ✓   Private  Website,  Registra6on  &  Login ✓   ✓   Internal  Lis6ng  Management ✓   ✓   Broker  Training ✓   ✓   Branded  Flyers ✓   ✓   Branded  Tour  Books ✓   ✓   RetailPRO  Features ✓   ✓   Comp  Tracking ✓   ✓   Syndica6on  to  Third-­‐Party  PlaGorms ✓   Private  Linking ✓   Repor6ng  &  Analy6cs ✓   Document  Library ✓   Pricing
  12. 12. RetailMLS, LLC 12 West 23rd Street | 4th Floor New York, NY 10010 (212) 729-1041 Contact