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Winning with culture white paper


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In a post-recession corporate world, culture has become the new competitive advantage. A new white paper from Ryan Estis & Associates examines how leaders can follow proven best practices to create a positive culture and lead teams of engaged, confident, motivated employees.

The white paper, “Winning with Culture: How Leadership Drives Engagement & Performance,” includes new research on leadership and employee engagement from Modern Survey and insight from leaders at companies with top-rated employee engagement: technology company Red Hat, agricultural credit group Farm Credit Services of America and Minneapolis health care system Park Nicollet Health Services.

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Winning with culture white paper

  1. 1. WINNING CULTUREHow Leadership Drives Engagement & Performance
  2. 2. Ryan EstisKeynote Speaker & BusinessPerformance Expert
  3. 3. Sarah Hornsby, vice president of humanresources at Park Nicollet HealthServices.
  4. 4. As a leader, you need toanswer the question –“How are we makingsure the best ideasinside the organizationare coming forward?”Ryan EstisCEO of Ryan Estis & Associates
  5. 5. Only 41% ofemployeeshaveconfidencein seniormanagement.Only 46% ofemployees feelmanagementcommunicateseffectively.Source: Modern Survey Fall 2012 National Norms Study
  6. 6. “Great leaders respectthe contribution thatevery employee makesto the organization asa whole.”Don MacPhersonPresident of Modern Survey,
  7. 7. Ryan Estis & Associates | 800-480-0455 |”Engagedemployees have asense of personalaccomplishmentat work.”Don MacPherson, President of Modern Survey,
  8. 8. Employeeswho think theircompany is doing betternow than last year tend to:believe their companyis headed in theright direction.have confidence intheir company’s future.believe they have apromising future attheir company.Source: Modern Survey Fall 2012 National Norms Study
  9. 9. “If we can growpeople to be betterpeople first, theywill be betteremployees second.”Doug StarkCEO of Credit Services of America
  10. 10. U.S. Leadership & Development Training$13.6billion2012 Bersin & Associates Leadership Development FactbookU.S. companies have increased leadership development spending 14% over 2011 levels to an estimated $13.6 billion in 2012.
  11. 11. “The lasting benefitsof a highly engagedworkforce will alsocontribute toward anorganization’sperformance andmarket position.”Source: Modern Survey
  12. 12. To read more about the value of values,howsenior leadership can drive engagement,andwhy employees need to own their own employeeengagement,download our free whitepaper at
  13. 13. WINNING CULTUREHow Leadership Drives Engagement & PerformanceRyan Estis & Associates | 800-480-0455 |