Mobile Marketing; Can you hear me now?


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This is a presentation for mobile marketing and how it relates to restaurants. Sometime it's hard to see how mobile and online marketing works with marketing a business. My hope is this helps.

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Mobile Marketing; Can you hear me now?

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Can you hear me now?
  2. 2. How lucky?
  3. 3. Type in general information like “restaurant”, “pizza”, “Italian” and see what populates for you ; is your restaurant there?
  4. 4. Google 7 Pack for pizza Note the social search reviews, those discovering your restaurant here will want be able to factor in your reviews in their decision.
  5. 5. Google 7 Pack for pizza Make sure your website is optimized
  6. 6. See what’s being said about your brand in Google
  7. 7. Applications for mobile devices HUGE!
  8. 8. Do you understand the impact of mobile marketing has on your business?
  9. 9. Does this look familiar? She’s our example; let’s call her....
  10. 10. We access what we need no matter where we are
  11. 11. You have a restaurant.
  12. 12. I’m right here!!! So how does she connect with you?
  13. 13. You have a website.
  14. 14. I’m right here!!! So how does she connect with you?
  15. 15. Social networking, how online marketing can drive business
  16. 16. Google’s search results We went to Joe’s Saturday night and the food was…… Hmmm, I’ll keep that in mind…..
  17. 17. We’re thinking of going to Joe’s Restaurant, anyone care to join us? Thinking of Joe’s famous….. Just checked into Joe’s Restaurant …. Went to Joe’s Restaurant for lunch as their special was …. {search} “ BBQ restaurant Phoenix” Awesome place!! I’ve been looking for a new place for….. Joe’s rocked! Come into Joe’s for something super wow Great Patio My food was cold, how does that happen with fajitas? Check this picture out, at the bar at Joe’s…. Everybody’s talking…..
  18. 18. When to Joe’s Restaurant last night and had a…. At Joe’s Restaurant and…. Just left Joe’s and.. Love the happy hour here How have I missed this place? They have Friday night Fish Fry’s too… Thank you So many messages….. So how do you connect?
  19. 19. See, it’s just word of mouth marketing on steroids Word..
  20. 20. So where are you?
  21. 21. Madonna Kash Restaurant Marketing Partners C: 602.692.1135 [email_address] @restaurantmkt