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Restaurant eMarketing is your one-stop for all your digital marketing needs for your restaurant. We are a full-service marketing company that specializes in Email Marketing, Facebook Fan Page applications, SMS/Text Marketing, and Interactive Surveys. We can save you both time and money by eliminating the need to contract with multiple companies and services.

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  1. 1. your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs for your restaurantemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  2. 2. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  3. 3. company overview• Founded in 1997• Over 20 years of restaurant marketing & operating experience• Clients in United States, Canada, and International• Clients include single-units, franchisees, and large brands• Currently send over 50,000,000 emails a year for our Clients• Recognized by Nation’s Restaurant News five times• No “extra charges” for design, coding, or development• 24/7/365 phone, email, and text support… at no additional cost• Full-Service Marketing… allows you to focus on day-to-day tasks• Only single provider of email, text, facebook, surveys, and websitesemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  4. 4. Restaurant eMarketing provides our Clients with…• A one-stop shop for all your marketing needs for your restaurant.• Full-service email marketing service provider• Fully branded Facebook applications• A state-of-the-art SMS and Text Marketing platform• Unlimited Interactive Surveys• Design and Hosting of your Mobileemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  5. 5. When you remodel your restaurant or house you often use the services of a GeneralContract to coordinate tasks with multiple vendors and to save you money.Think of Restaurant eMarketing as your Social Media General Contract.We will work with your team and put together a program that provides a measurableresults and free up your time… after all you, you know how to run a restaurant… notbuild Facebook Applications!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  6. 6. email marketingsms/text marketingmobile websitesinteractive surveysfacebook applicationsBy providing multiple marketing solutions for our Clients we are able to savethem time, money, and produce amazing results. We are able to createmarketing campaigns within hours.
  7. 7. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  8. 8. email marketingemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsUnlike other email marketing service providers that charge over $500 to design onecampaign (plus graphic costs), with Restaurant eMarketing you NEVER pay for anydesign or coding costs.You can provide us your artwork or we can create it for you. Our turn-around times aresame-day and well make as many revisions as you request until you are 100%satisfied.​Our email marketing solutions are scalable to the number of locations or size of yourdatabase. Stop paying a “per location” or “database size” price… pay for the volume ofemails you send!
  9. 9. email marketing comparisonFor the purposes of this example, lets assume your email marketing database has between2,501 - 5,000 members... with Constant Contact this will cost you $50 per month to utilizetheir email marketing platform.​As a positive, Constant Contact is one of the cheapest email marketing service providersthere are... but with a lower price point comes less features. Another important factor is thatConstant Contact and many other lower price point email marketing providers do not providea full service solution or charge in excess of $500 to create a single campaign.emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  10. 10. email marketing comparison​With Restaurant eMarketing, we do all the work for you... all the design... all the coding... allthe testing... just send us an email, text, or call us (yes you get to speak to a real-live person)and tell us the details of your next campaign and well take care of the rest. This will free up atremendous amount of time on your part--allowing you to focus on the day-to-day aspects ofrunning your restaurant.The average campaign can take anywhere from 1 - 3 hours to design and build... do you havethat much time to spare every week or several times a month? What is your time worth?​emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  11. 11. email marketingFeatures include:• All graphic design and coding included at no additional charge• No cost for stock-image or graphic purchases• Pricing base on sent volume… no location or database size!• Social Sharing of emails on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and email• Custom Social Sharing Icons to match your brand• Unlimited document and graphic storage• Never a charge to import lists from OpenTable, Gift Cards, Online Ordering or other sources of opt-inmembers• Trigger based emails for Birthday and Anniversary emails• Trigger based emails for follow-up (users that click a specific link can get a follow-up email at a pre-determined interval)• Unlimited demographic data and segmentation• Robust reporting system• Smart Subject Line Optimization… test three subject lines to a small segment and use the best!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  12. 12. “We were with Fishbowl for many years and saw decentresults… but once we switched to Restaurant eMarketing ourresults went through the roof! Their service and ability to be asingle vendor for many of our marketing needs is a huge costand time saver. I highly recommend the service of RestauranteMarketing!”-J. Drake, CEO of Go Romaemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  13. 13. sample emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  14. 14. sample emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  15. 15. sample emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  16. 16. sample emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  17. 17. sample emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  18. 18. sample emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  19. 19. “Prior to coming to Restaurant eMarketing we were utilizing a wellknown email service provider that also specializes in the restaurantindustry. We were paying more than TWICE what we are paying nowwith Restaurant eMarketing for JUST email marketing. WithRestaurant eMarketing we get a lot more than just email marketing.They have helped us grow our Facebook Fan Page and we are rollingout a SMS/Text Club currently as a result of the great results we getfrom Restaurant eMarketing.”- A. Palmer, General Manager of Riverhorse On Mainemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  20. 20. Client sent usemail at 11:06AMrequesting creative…Within 24 minutes wedesigned the followingfor them…emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  21. 21. Check out the results from this eBlast…• 9,185 emails sent• 37.87% unique open rate• 7 people shared email• 417 clicks to find the nearest location• 1,763 clicks to the couponDid your last email newsletter have a unique open ratealmost twice the industry average?emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  22. 22. emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsemail campaign reports
  23. 23. emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsemail campaign reports
  24. 24. “We operate 16 different locations of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza and you canimagine the time it takes to put together 16 different email campaignsand Facebook promotions every couple of weeks… it is almost a full-time job. The team at Restaurant eMarketing is a savior… they save menot only money but more importantly time. Our Franchise Operatorsare thrilled at our new look and feel for our email newsletters and ouropen rates are almost 10% higher than when we were with ConstantContact.”- A. Smith, Marketing Director for Mr. Gatti’s Pizzaemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  25. 25. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  26. 26. facebook applicationsIn addition to Email Marketing, SMS/Text Marketing, and Interactive Rate My DineSurveys, all of our Clients can have custom built and fully-branded Facebook Applicationsfor their Fan Pages.Just like with our Email Marketing services, we NEVER charge a design ordevelopment fee and there is NEVER a "daily" or "per application" fee. ​We can build a wide variety of applications for your Facebook Fan Page includingOpenTable, Online Ordering, Shopping Card, Contests, Sweepstakes, Google Maps, MenuPages, Flickr integration, and more... the possibilities are only limited by your suggestions!​emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  27. 27. facebook application comparison​Did you know that you risk having your Facebook Fan Page being deleted if you do not follow all the terms andguidelines when it comes to running a contest or promotion on their platform?Did you know it is "against the rules" to post a picture to your Facebook Fan Page and ask people to "like","share", or "comment" on it in order to enter a contest or sweepstakes?​​ These are just some of the reasons why you should use a third-party provider to develop your applications andto ensure you are compliant.For this example, lets assume your Facebook Fan Page has between 2,501 - 5,000 Fans. There are many third-party providers and some of the most popular include Woobox and Offer Pop. The costs for a monthly servicefor ONE Facebook Fan page is normally based on the number of Fans you have. In this case, it would cost you$100 a month.emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  28. 28. “We never knew there were so many rules when it came to running apromotion on Facebook. We tried Wildfire and North Social for severalpromotions but their pricing was “per day” and the applications did notallow for custom branding. After hearing about Restaurant eMarketingfrom a friend we switched and have been extremely satisfied. Theirresponse time is unheard of in this industry and it has freed up so muchof our team’s time to focus on other marketing efforts.”-J. Roberts, CMO of Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwichesemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  29. 29. facebook application comparison​Just like with Constant Contact, many of these third-party sites are "self service," so you will have to do all thecoding, graphic design, and hopefully you have extensive knowledge of CSS skills. In addition, many of thesethird-party sites are not fully branded for your concept and have more of a generic look or feel. Mostimportantly, you have to make sure that any applications built for your Facebook Fan Page can be accessed viaa mobile device.With Restaurant eMarketing as your "General Contractor" we handle everything for you. Just tell us the typeof application you are interested in, provide with the content or graphics (optional) and well do the rest. If youneed us to design the graphics that is something we NEVER charge extra for.​emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  30. 30. facebook application comparisonAvailable Facebook Applications include:•Promotions•Photo Contests•Video Contests•Voting Contests•Entry Counting Contests•Static Images•Photo Gallery•Product Pages•Shopping Cart•Rich Text•RSS Feeds•Hyperlinks•Facebook Like•Facebook Comments•Facebook Invite-a-Friend•Forms•Contact Us•Instagram•YouTube•Vimeo•Twitter•Sound Cloud•Flickr•FourSquare•Google Maps•Google Analytics•Virtual Gifts•Polling•Countdown Applications•Custom Code Applications•iFrame Applications•Flash Applications•Plain Text Applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  31. 31. facebook application comparisonBased on our work for many of our Clients and the results that weproduced, we were recently invited to the elite force of ShortStackMasters. As a Master, we can help you with your custom app designneeds, taking advantage of everything the ShortStack suite has tooffer… and even participate in BETA products before they aregenerally released to the public.Restaurant eMarketing is 1 of only 15 recognized ShortStackMasters… and the only one specializing in the restaurant industry.emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  32. 32. facebook application comparison• Never a design, coding, or graphic charge• Ability to go from concept to launch within the same day!• Ability to install applications on all locations’ individual Fan Pages• No “per page” charge• No “per day” charge• No additional fees or charges• Fully branded for your concept• Custom URLs to match your branding• SmartURLs… all applications are viewable on a mobile device• QR Codes for all applications to use in your marketing collateral to increase engagementWE CAN SAVE YOU $75 - $300 A MONTH WHEN YOU UTILIZE US FOR FACEBOOK APPS!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  33. 33. “We have a small marketing team supporting multiple locations andfranchise operators that constantly pull us in multiple directions. I lovethat Restaurant eMarketing acts an extension of my team and canhandle multiple marketing projects at one time and can integrate themseamlessly between our eClub, Facebook, website, and VIP Text Clubs.As our brand continues to grow, I couldn’t imagine utilizing any othercompany. Their results speak for themselves.”- S. Saltalamacchio, VP of Marketing for Cheeseburger Bobby’semailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  34. 34. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  35. 35. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  36. 36. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  37. 37. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  38. 38. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  39. 39. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  40. 40. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  41. 41. sample applicationsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  42. 42. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  43. 43. sms/text marketingRestaurant eMarketing is your one-stop for all things digital when it comes to marketing your restaurantand brand. With regards to SMS/Text Marketing, we provide our clients with the ability to connect directwith their clients through the most important device any of them have, their mobile phone. iPhone, iPad,smartphone apps, mobile websites, SMS, MMS, mobile video, are all tools we use to deliver our partnerscontent to their customers in real-time.The versatility and necessity of the mobile phone as an all encompassing device, insures that it is withour consumers or possible consumers wherever they may go. Our company teaches brands to interactwith these people and their devices in every communication, whether it be online, at the point-of-sale,through traditional media, in social networks, or even on a coupon.emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  44. 44. sms/text marketingOur strategies aggressively build databases of customers that we can then push messages to at exactly thetime when we know they are making the buying decision and with a 97% read-rate.The key component lies in the fact that each and every mobile promotion provides a measureableReturn-on-Investment that is easy to quantify. Because mobile marketers continue to turn in casestudy after case study showing redemption/call-to-action rates of 7% or better, it is no surprise that 89%of major brands have some type of mobile marketing in their budget.emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  45. 45. sms/text marketingSEE THE POWER OF OURSMS/TEXT MARKETINGPLATFORMIN ACTIONTEXT“NRASHOW”TO 72727*No quotation marks. Standard text and data rates apply.emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  46. 46. “Ever since we launched our Text Club with the ability to havemembers text our keyword into a number to join both our Text ANDeClub, we have seen more than a 250% increase in enrollment. We lovethe fact that we can reach our Customers in many different ways andthat the Mobile Coupons by Restaurant eMarketing are totally secureand cannot be duplicated or manipulated. What will the team atRestaurant eMarketing think of next?”- M. Eastin, Co-Owner of America’s Incredible Pizzaemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  47. 47. sms/text marketingCreate an SMS Marketing keyword on one of a number of short codes assigned to you or yourclient, program the response you want it to send back, and your keyword is live. Createkeyword campaigns for sms text coupons, virtual business cards, to help capture email, deliverpictures back in response, send 2 messages at once, or even capture comments in one of acouple different ways.Want to notify someone when they text in to the keyword? Just enable lead notifications sothat when someone texts in to the keyword that the SMS keyword owner gets either an instantsms text message, email, or both stating that someone had just text their keyword and providesthe phone number for instant follow up. keyword creator has so many options and suchflexibility this is really where 95% of all SMS Marketing campaigns reside.Restaurant eMarketing never charges additional fees for multiple keywords!​KEYWORDSemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  48. 48. sms/text marketingOur SMS blasting function allows our Clients to select from permission based SMS Marketingdatabases of phone numbers and schedule messages to be sent to them immediately or in thefuture. When scheduling messages to SMS Marketing databases the system inserts a “ReplySTOP to Stop” message at the end of every text. This can be shortened or modified at times,but it is recommended to leave it in every text message according to SMS Marketing best-practices and MMA guidelines.Scheduling messages to multiple groups is easy and can even be done from a mobile web/appprovided to sms customers when our future “App Sender” release is complete.BLASTCAMPAIGNSemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  49. 49. sms/text marketing​The Auto-Responder feature enables a user to create a SMS keyword and schedule futuremessages that automatically happen based on the time and date that the keyword is engagedwith. Trigger unlimited future SMS Marketing messages off of the initial engagement via textto the keyword.Examples of real world deployment would be an oil change store running a Point of Sale SMSMarketing campaign, getting users to text to receive an instant coupon for the next time theyvisit. They get an instant text back, and also receive a message exactly 90 days later giving thecoupon for their next visit.Other messages may be scheduled at 180, 270, or 360 days into the future based off of theinitial SMS Marketing engagement.AUTORESPONDERemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  50. 50. sms/text marketingWhether starting a Voting/Polling from a SMS keyword, or blasting out to an existing group,every business loves the opportunity to get feedback from their clientele. Voting/Pollingallows a user to create a question and define the possible responses.Once people select their choice via text, the platform records those responses.Advanced features of SMS Marketing Voting/Polling allow for a user to post results LIVE ona digital display, run the results to the web via an RSS feed, send results back to the recipientvia text in real time, and even capture email from people participating in the campaign.VOTING&POLLINGemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  51. 51. sms/text marketingCreating great events is easy when marketing campaigns are created where users can text intheir comments, votes, pledges, or shout-outs, and they instantly appear on the fullycustomizable display. Worried they might say something silly? Simply enable the “Moderator”and someone can approve all SMS Marketing messages that appear instantly.Text-to-Screen or Text2Screen is a great SMS Marketing tool to use for churches, at events, oreven sporting venues. The campaign allows the user to fully customize the background colors,images, verbiage that appears, and then hook a computer into the digital display of the venueand start texting.Texts come in and can either instantly appear on the screen or go through a moderator that canbe controlled through the marketing control panel.TEXT-2-SCREENemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  52. 52. sms/text marketingHave a lot of questions you want to ask? Send out a SMS Marketing Survey campaign andreward the users with a coupon at the end! The Survey marketing tool allows the user to createunlimited multiple choice questions and answers.When a user text in and answers the first of the series, they get the subsequent questions untilthey run out. Many restaurants run Survey SMS Marketing campaigns to get detailed feedbackon many different issues for quality assurance. They often will reward their customers time bygiving them a prize or coupon at the end of the series of questions.SURVEYSemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  53. 53. sms/text marketingSMS Marketing trivia contests are one of the most engaging and interesting ways to createopt-ins. Create a new trivia related to the business, make the question or series ofquestions interesting, and consumers text in and instantly get a response if they wereright or wrong. Reward the contestants at the end for their participation.In the Trivia SMS Marketing module a user can determine the appropriate amount ofquestions that the contestants need to answer correctly in order to determine whetherthey get one of two prizes. Example: The grand prize/text response might come to thosethat answer 75% of the answers correctly, while the consolation prize/text goes to thosethat score lower than that threshold.TRIVIAemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  54. 54. sms/text marketingCreate other great SMS Marketing engagements with the ever popular Text-to-Win. Userscan select every 9th winner (or a number of your choice), or the secondary option tochoose one lucky person at the end of a time frame.Winners get notified (as do the business owners that will be awarding the prize), andlosers get pre-determined consolation text.Many advanced marketing options are built into this robust SMS Marketing campaignincluding the ability to capture email at the time of entry, deliver variable results, enableor disable the ability to re-enter contests, removal of winners from future campaigns, andmuch more.TEXT-2-WINemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  55. 55. sms/text marketingAn SMS/Text coupon is one that is delivered solely in the text itself.More than 50% of mobile phone users still do not have smartphones, and those that dooften do not have unlimited data or have poor coverage. Placing a coupon on a mobileweb-page will often decrease redemption rates.Giving the offer inside a text has the maximum reach of any other technology, highest openrates, and therefore the highest ROI.MOBILECOUPONSemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  56. 56. sms/text marketingNo repeat hitsOnce someone has texted in to receive a coupon and they try again, they get a customized"no repeat hits" message that can be created.Capture emailMany businesses like to ask the customer to reply with their email address prior todelivering the coupon. The platform makes this easy and the emails can quickly beexported to the email service provider of your choice.Blasted or Opted inEither form of text coupons can be created inside the application within seconds anddeployed.MOBILECOUPONemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  57. 57. sms/text marketingEveryone from Bowling alleys to sub shops utilize the punch card to drive and encouragecustomer loyalty. Only one of the problems related to this is the fact that people lose them.Combine that with environmental problems, fat wallet syndrome (think George Castanza),and people failing to even remember they even have them, and you will find a program thatcan be dramatically optimized using mobile.First, any company that is using a loyalty card program is a prime candidate because youcan immediately decrease the cost of each card, decrease fraud, and help them build adatabase all while increasing overall transactions.The Virtual Punch Card is built into the SMS platform and is ready out-of-the-box to sell toany client internationally and can be set-up in minutes.LOYALTYPUNCHCARDemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  58. 58. sms/text marketingOne of the first steps in creating a mobile marketing campaign is looking at the point-of-sale and figuring out the best way to encourage opt-ins. The faster the rate of opt-ins, thequicker the database builds, and the quicker the business can garner an ROI from themobile marketing program.In looking at point-of-sale, certain businesses prefer the ease of getting a person to opt-in toa campaign from a tablet, kiosk, or computer screen rather than pick up their phone. Incertain circumstances, the customer’s phone may not even be present.We offers all of our Clients the ability to create customized point-of-sale kiosks for theirlocation.OPT-INKIOSKemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  59. 59. “With our previous email service provider I felt like we were justanother number. It took takes to get a response and they charged us forrevisions to the design, fees for stock images, and other fees that addedup. It is a refreshing change to work with a company like RestauranteMarketing that truly believes in putting the “Customer First” andnever charges extra for the little things. I love how all I have to do ispick up the phone or send an email and within hours I have a customdesigned email newsletter ready to send to our members.”- J. Gideon, VP of Operations for Fresh To Orderemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  60. 60. sms/text marketingemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  61. 61. sms/text marketingemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  62. 62. sms/text marketingemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  63. 63. sms/text marketingemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  64. 64. sms/text marketingemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  65. 65. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  66. 66. interactive surveysFeedback is an important part of every business and even more important in the restaurantindustry. Often comment cards with negative feedback are never turned in by the server for fear ofpunishment or termination.With our post-dine interactive survey called "Rate My Dine", guests are asked to visit your uniqueURL to complete a short survey. Every one of our clients has the ability to fully customize theirquestions and to change them at every time.Results to the surveys are available 24/7/365 online.The best part of our Rate My Dine service is that it is FREE... just another reason to joinRestaurant eMarketing!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  67. 67. interactive surveysSurvey features include:• Unlimited Questions• Various Question Types• Unlimited Responses• Completely Branding• QR Codes for Mobile Submissions• Mobile Friendly Forms• Shopping Carts• Payment Gateways• Conditional Responses & Formatting• Custom “Thank You” emailsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  68. 68. “In the past we utilized SurveyMonkey for feedback from our Guest,but as our brand continues to expand we found their features to belimited and their pricing to be steep. We were also utilizing ConstantContact for our email marketing, but that was taking a lot of our day-to-day time to manage. The team at Restaurant eMarketing put together asolution that not only saved us time and money, but gave us the featureswe were looking for. Restaurant eMarketing ROCKS!”- T. Bergin, Owner of Tommy’s Pizzaemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  69. 69. interactive surveysemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  70. 70. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  71. 71. mobile websitesemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsWith the growing smart-phone market and the fact that everyone is always on the go, is yourwebsite mobile friendly? Often brands spend a considerable amount of money to develop anamazing website--only to find out that it does not function properly when viewed on an iPhone ortablet.If this is the case for your restaurant... weve got you covered!Our mobile websites have their own unique advantages and either can be used on-demand tohandle virtually any needs. From extremely custom Javascripts and integrations, to choosing fromany color scheme or layout, and plugging in your content, images, and social networks, we willcreate custom mobile websites and apps that will rival or exceed what custom developers do forthousands of dollars.
  72. 72. mobile websitesBuild your Mobile Website/App and:Get the instant QR Code and link to connect customers to the site quickly and easily!Download the entire website after it is constructed to upload onto your web server or domain. Youcan use a mobile address for the site like!Grab the auto-generated redirection script and apply it to your server, so that when anyoneaccesses your regular domain from any mobile browser it will automatically redirect them to themobile site!Or even share the new site with your entire social network on Facebook, Twitter, or other socialnetworks instantly with a click of a button!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  73. 73. mobile websitesIn addition to our builders that take you step by step through the process of how to make a mobilewebsite or app, we can also do it for you!Our in-house design team can assist with launching your brand through a completely custom-builtwebsite. Contact us for more information!With our mobile website solution you will be provided with the necessary steps (we can evenassist with integration) so that a visitor from their mobile device will see a properly formattedwebsite.Our mobile website solution also includes hosting of the site!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  74. 74. mobile websitesFeatures for mobile websites include:• Unlimited Pages• “Click to Call”• OpenTable Integration• Yelp! Integration• Image Galleries• Google Map – “Find Us”• Online Menus• YouTube Videos• Hours of Operation• Shopping Cart• Custom URLsemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  75. 75. “We spent over $15,000 building out our website only to find out that itwas not viewable on many mobile devices due to our website utilizingFlash. Restaurant eMarketing was already handling our emailmarketing and Facebook applications so we decided to ask them to helpbuild a mobile website for us. Not only did they turn around thewebsite in a matter of 48 hours… but they did not charge us anythingextra! Restaurant eMarketing… you’ve got a Client for LIFE!”- L. Moore, Owner of The Dolce Groupemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  76. 76. mobile websitesemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  77. 77. mobile websitesemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  78. 78. mobile websitesemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications
  79. 79. company overviewemailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplicationsNRASHOWSPECIAL• 500 SMS/Text Messages• 2,000 Email Newsletters• Unlimited Facebook Applications• Unlimited Surveys• Mobile Website (Design & Hosting)• All Graphic Design• All Coding• NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES!$99 PER MONTH(one time setup fee of $99)*Must sign up at NRA Show to receive this offer.
  80. 80. nrashow to 72727 to learn more!emailmarketingsms/textmarketingmobilewebsitesinteractivesurveysfacebookapplications