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Restartup Ideation - Ideation for Companies and Corporations

Restartup Ideation - Ideation for Companies and Corporations

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Restartup Ideation - Ideation for Companies and Corporations

  1. 1. IDEATION Version: 2.0 IDEASHOP for Companies and Corporations
  2. 2. IDEASHOP BASICS WHAT IS IDEASHOP? Mazars Ideashop is a practical combination of the process of ideation with the workshop. You can imagine it as a facilitated brainstorming solving one of the issues bothering your company or supplier. Or you can use it as a specialized focus group to test your developing ideas about services or products.
  3. 3. IDEASHOP BASICS WITH WHOM? Slovak startup community from the co- working offices. Our partners in Restartup will identify best match for you. We will have 10-15 participants on the workshop dedicated only to you and anyone (supplier, partner) you wish to have there.
  4. 4. IDEASHOP BASICS WHERE? Workshop will take place in Restartup premises in the Pallehner. We expect it to last from 3 to 4 hours. Refreshments and our full support are of course included.
  5. 5. IDEASHOP BASICS WHEN? We are flexible to accommodate your needs and expectations.
  6. 6. IDEASHOP BASICS AND FINALLY, HOW? By first, understanding your needs. And second, by facilitated ideation with the startup community provided by Restartup. Your problems or questions will be confronted with best minds and talents in the Slovak startup community, so you can establish connections and get some smart solutions.
  7. 7. IDEASHOP OPTIONS AND FINALLY, HOW? Option 1 FACILITATED FOCUS GROUP • Test your own products, services, customer care • Pre-test new products or services • Get structured opinion on what you do or what do you want to achieve
  8. 8. IDEASHOP OPTIONS AND FINALLY, HOW? Option 2 FACILITATED IDEATION • Introduce problem, challenge or procedural obstacle you are facing in daily operations with customers, suppliers or your own employees and get some fresh ideas and solutions.
  11. 11. By researching the perpetual change and current trends.. × + ..we start the right strategies.. move up your brand, cause or people.. touch, and let us tell your story.
  12. 12. Need more information or offer tailored to your needs? Let us know: Michal Novota